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Is it normal for my 6wo to sleep this much???

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minstrel75 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:08:27

Hi all,

Just wondering whether anybody else has a v sleepy 6wo who doesn't seem to be much interested in staying awake during the day? My DD usually has a bit of awake time after her first morning feed at about 7.30 and then is usually ready for a sleep by about 8.30/9.00 am but then the rest of the day she generally just wakes for a feed and either goes straight back to sleep or is awake for at most 10/15mins before getting really grumpy and obviously in need of going back to sleep. She sometimes also has a bit more waking time in the evening (obviously when we are trying to eat!). It doesn't seem to affect her night time sleep too much but I just wondered whether this was 'normal' behaviour as most of my antenatal friends have babies who seem to spend more time awake and alert. I have 2 older children so you would think I'd know what I'm doing but I don't seem to remember either of them sleeping quite this much in the daytime.

Thanks v much.

redcamels Thu 20-Oct-11 19:26:43

Is she alert when she is awake? Is she eating and producing wet/dirty nappies?

If yes, then it's normal. Enjoy.

nearlytherenow Thu 20-Oct-11 20:04:38

My DS2 was very much like this, and I worried, it was so different from how nap-resistant DS1 had been. He "woke up" at about 8 weeks IIRC. He's now 26 weeks, and I'd love a bit more sleep - enjoy it while it lasts!

iskra Fri 21-Oct-11 10:39:37

My DD is 5 weeks & like this. I read somewhere that a newborn is supposed to sleep for 18 hours total - no way is she awake 6 hours a day! She might be awake for 2/3 hours total perhaps... She wakes up for feeds & is gaining, doing nappies & started smiling so I figure she is just a sleepy one for now. I don't remember with DD1 (& it was only 3 years ago) whether she was similar or not.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Oct-11 14:54:53

Yes, my DD (now 3) was like this. She continued being a champion napper until the ripe old age of 24 months when she promptly dropped all naps and has never napped since! It was a pain that she napped so much as it meant we could never do any baby/toddler activities (very boring for me) so I was actually leaping for joy when she stopped napping. She was also (and still is) a champion night time sleeper too.

One thing to keep an eye on though as she gets a little older (eg 6 months+) that her daytime napping isn't impacting on her night time napping. When my DD started waking up earlier in the morning I simply woke her up earlier than usual from her last nap of the day so that she made up for it at night. She soon adjusted so by 12 months (I think) her last nap ended at 3.30pm (for 7pm bedtime).

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