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6pm too early?

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Leni75 Thu 20-Oct-11 11:40:43

DD is 1.4 and DS is 3.2. He has just started kindergarten which he is at 8 till 1.30, has no sleep in the day ( not for a year, and won't contemplate it either), gets up at 6am (latest) is 6pm too early for him to go to bed? he seems so tired by teatime (5) but is resisting bedtime pretty emphatically, though once in bed and settled, of course, falls asleep pretty instantly. Currently lights out/ sleep time is 7pm. We are up at 6 am, and that is OK as DP has to get up at 6.20 anyway and then we have plenty of time to get sorted slowly in the morning before we leave for kindergarten. DD has a brief sleep in morning in pushchair (8.30 ish, which i try to stop if possible because of...) and a good 2 hours nap 10.45-1.15, so she is asleep when he is at kindergarten (otherwise he wakes her) she seems to go fine thru till 7 so don't really want to put her down at 6, but this makes bedtime complicated if she is still up when I am trying to settle him, as she just wants to get in to bed with him and winds him up even more. They share a room BTW. will he settle down after he has been at kindy for a while? Weekends are the same also, no lie ins yet.....Or should I try 6pm for lights out?

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