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12 month old still waking every 2 hours:seriously exhausted now

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catbus Thu 20-Oct-11 10:49:01

Oh God..I am like a frigging zombie. DC4 has always been crap at sleeping and after a year it is no better. I have co slept with all my DCs but had to stop this after many 'escapist from the bed' nightmares. Having said that, I still give in and drag him in with me after a while, out of sheer desperation, although he doesn't really settle for long and spends all night grabbing boob out, yanking them around, etc..Which has resulted in me feeling pretty sore now.

So consequently Catbus is done in, and with 3 others at home, I am one ratty mama.

DC4 I believe is teething, but has been for MONTHS: he still just has the 2 teeth. I have been nipped several times now and a big part of me wants to just give up feeding now, as it can often now feel sore from gumming, amongst other things.
However, he will not drink hardly a drop from a beaker: I held out all day not long ago, not feeding him at all, until the evening: he drank NOTHING until I fed him.
Do I just assume that he will eventually drink when needing it, even after all day, especially if he realises that the breast has gone`??

I realise this is a bit of a mixed question, but I think that the waking up thing is getting to be about wanting the comfort, which I wouldn't begrudge, but it is now affecting me so badly, I am bumping into things and feel horrible in myself.

It feels like the feeding and sleeping go hand in hand (duh!!) and that if the feeding aspect was removed, he might sleep for longer? Or is it wishful thinking?

I am not sure what I am asking here really, other than does anyone have any experience of stopping breastfeeding and babies having improved sleep? I am 99.9% sure I want to stop altogether now: the 1% is about comforting him if he's feeling off colour, with the breast...

I think it is as simple as needing to be a less pissy mama, and feel like myself again, even if that means stopping feeding. (I am so aware this is my last DC.)

Thanks for bearing with me!

SleepDeprivedGrumpyBum Thu 20-Oct-11 12:45:17

Hiya Cat. No advice I'm afraid just solidarity and sympathy by the bucketload. I could have written your post. DS is one terrible sleeper and i too think its due to being breast fed on demand for months and his unwillingness to drink milk from anything but me (he's quite good with water from a sippy cup though but milk is a no go)

I know what you mean about feeling sore, DS has 6 teeth and they often grate on me or he bites if he's too eager to get to the boobs, he's also a pincher and a skin twiddler so I'm desperate to stop BF'ing (Actually posted in the bf topic about it this mornig)

My next door neightbour had a baby about 6 weeks before i had ds and around the 6 month mark she toughed it out, went out for a day and left her dp to it with a bottle of formula as she wanted to stop feeding (i so wish i'd done this before i started solids) she said after her dd was taking a bottle it was almost like someone had flipped a switch and she started sleeping so much better, virtually sleeping through. I know thats purely annecdotal but thought it might be of interest for you.

To be honest i think the only way forward for me and my ds personally will be CC when i have some time off work and so does dp. At the moment i'm making nights worse because i'm so knackered that i co sleep and give in and feed him if he wakes in the night (the thought of getting even less sleep than im getting now is too awful for me to comprehend when i know i've got work the next day)

sorry this is a bit rambly, i know i've not really given you any helpful advice but i thought it might be soothing to know you're not alone. I know I feel at times like it must be something i've done as i don't know anyone in RL who's babies have been as terrible a sleeper as my ds is, in fact my close friend and my cousin have both had babies recently, and my cousin posted in fb today that her ds slept through the night last night.....he three weeks old ffs! her other dc was sleeping through at about 8 weeks. I don't get what i've done wrong..............

catbus Thu 20-Oct-11 13:05:45

Sleepdeprived!! You haven't done anything wrong! My other 3 DC were sleeping through by 8 months, when they all went into a cot in another room. Eldest was BF til 14 months and the middle 2 were FF at 5 months. Obviously bottles are refused here, am just worried about lack of fluids really: he tends to just spit the water down himself..!

I am unsure of the way forward too: BFing on demand is now breaking me! Have tried CC and twas awful: annoying worked with DC1 and didn't need it with 2 and 3...grrrrrrr.

Thanks for the post and 'nice', for want of a better word, to hear I am not alone on the AWFUL 12 month old sleeper thing. Hope things work out for you too. smile

BenRoo Thu 20-Oct-11 13:26:36

Hey catbus
I too can empathise. I have an 11 month old who has never slept well and seems to of got increasingly worse.
I seem to of tried everything! In fact I'm on a thread re night weaning as I'm hoping that by starting with reducing those feeds it'll lead onto him fully weaning....
I've taken some time off and will be putting some real effort into this (long) weekend.
By this I mean a lighter form of CC. A friend of mine currently uses the Jay Gordon method,which might be worth a look to you.
I feel absolutely knackered. I can't concentrate at work nothing to do with mn and am nearing a melt down.
I wish you every luck m'dear smile

BenRoo Thu 20-Oct-11 13:28:51

Ooo meant to suggest a cup with a straw. I think its a Tommee Tippee??? My LO uses one and loves it,let's face it he's had plenty of practice at sucking!

DuelingFanjo Thu 20-Oct-11 13:38:13

please can I join? DS is 10 months and we co-sleep. I am blaming it on teething but he has started waking hourly and also grabbing boobs etc.
I don't want to put him in his own room as I don't suppose I will enjoy actually getting out of bed to see what's wrong. I am shattered too.

catbus Thu 20-Oct-11 13:38:21

Thankyou BenRoo...I think I am going to go hardcore...and try to drag out the feeds for as long as poss..the boob obsession is crazy and am fed up of being man handled (hahahaha!), especially when I have a period..grrr.

Will look into the straw cup: he loves sucking on those Ella's Kitchen snack pouches, so worth a go!

catbus Thu 20-Oct-11 16:22:09

Of course dueling!

I am blaming mine on eveything under the sun and tbh, if I said I can't do it because he's teething, that would apply to most of his life so far!

I wanted to know if by giving up feeding it might improve things sleep wise really. I am about done with BF now, and am sad because I know it'll be the last time, but would also like my body back and to feel vaguely human again. This whole boob grabbing and getting angry when they aren't flooped out as and when, is too exhausting these days: I want him to just be comforted to sleep etc by me, not just my breasts.. sad

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