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8mo waking at staying awake

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JugsMcGee Thu 20-Oct-11 07:40:51

DS is 8mo and for the past week or so has been waking at night and then staying awake for 1-2 hours. Sometimes he's not hungry, sometimes he wolfs down a massive feed, he's not interested in cuddles and yet when you put him down and leave the room he whinges, rolls over and ends up crying. He's fine as soon as I go back in!

He is teething so we gave him nurofen but it made no difference. He has started pulling himself up and is almost crawling, could this be why he is waking?

I'm close to the end of my tether, I'm so tired, this feels worse than the 4m regression he went through (which was awful and lasted 14 weeks!) Any suggestions?

JugsMcGee Thu 20-Oct-11 07:59:11

Sorry, forgot to say, this often happens more than once a night and he wakes early. It's like he just naps through the night.

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