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Waking at night - 9 month old

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puresquiggles Tue 18-Oct-11 13:17:01

OK, I don't usually post on forums, but could really do with some advice on the age-old question of sleep! I'm now rather tired of functioning on 5 hours sleep a night and looking at what I can do to to potentially help this tricky issue...

I have a 9 month old daughter who used to sleep beautifully through the night from 2 to about 7 months old, although we only just managed to drop the dream feed towards the end of that time. Then... she got a tummy bug, followed by a cold, followed by a huge growth spurt, a brief good week of sleeping through the night followed by teething, the whole family has just had a tummy bug and now she has another mild cold - she is essentially waking once or twice a night. She screams her head off and will quite happily drop back to sleep, but only once she's had a good go at her personal Friesian cow! I've just tried to bring back the dream feed in the last couple of nights, but that's not helped - last night she had feed at 10:30, then woke at 1:50 and again at 5:30, after which she wouldn't go back to sleep. I know that she is perfectly capable of settling herself if she wants to - it's been hard work, but she does this well during the daytime naps. She goes to bed easily at 7pm, whether she's dropping off in my arms or still awake when I put her down.

Options I'm considering:
1. Controlled crying - she should be getting her nutritional needs by now during the day and this is probably just a habit she's got into with the various bugs, teeth etc - but then again, I can see there are 3 more teeth at the top that will be cutting soon.
2. Giving her water instead of breast when she wakes at night
3. Adjusting her tea time so this is later - currently vaguely on a Gina Ford schedule with tea around 5-5:30pm, bath at 6pm and final milk from breast at 6:30pm

Any experienced thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated!

UKSky Tue 18-Oct-11 20:34:32

Sorry you're having a sleep problem. It sounds like she has got out of her normal routine and having problems getting back into it.

In your options list, I use your option 3 for my DD and have done since she was about 9 months old and she started sleeping through without any form of "training".

If she's just about to cut some more teeth I'm not sure now would be a good time to start controlled crying but obviously that's your choice, you know your DD best.

Can you try helping her to resettle by gently patting her whilst she's still in her cot?

puresquiggles Wed 19-Oct-11 21:26:38

Thanks for your advice there UKSky. I agree that it'll certainly be best to wait till those teeth have cut through (although does feel a little like there's a constant list of issues that is not helping her get back to her old rhythm).

Resettling in the cot never works well with her, she'd just stand up and expect to be lifted out and scream when I don't. She's generally happy in the cot by herself - I often hear her chatting and singing to herself (or merrily blowing raspberries!) as she settles herself to sleep during the day.

Will give the later feeding time a go - as a very simple change to make.

At the moment her head is full of cold and she was awake and very unhappy from midnight to about 3am last night - she just sounded so bunged up poor thing.

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