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3yr old night waking noisy habit - I'm knackered...any ideas welcome

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jeanniezuccini Tue 18-Oct-11 08:56:31

My little one had always been a decent sleeper. We moved house and since then she has been waking in the night, more often than not. It feels like she's got into a bad habit and I can't help her get out of it.

The problem is that when she does wake, she screams for mum/dad at the top of her voice from her bed. If we go in and say 'sleepy time, go to sleep' it only lasts 1-10mins before she's shouting again. If I leave her to it, it lasts a couple of hours, if I go up and shush several times, it still lasts a couple of hours, basically either way until she tires herself out! Occasionally she gets out of bed too, but mostly she just shouts/screams.

Some nights she sleeps through - there is no pattern to if it will or won't be a good night. She's now waking her 6yr old sibling which are bad nights!

I am exhausted and its affecting my health - I've had arthritis flare up for the first time in my life - its just from being so exhausted.

We have stuck with a smiley face chart, but she's totally uninterested in it because of how many mornings she doesn't get one, I suppose. We tried small rewards of stickers for sleeping through, no difference. One night I ended up putting her in the naughty corner as a drastic last step - no change. How do I help her?

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