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18 month old sleep regression - is it a myth??

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FlappyBaps Mon 17-Oct-11 20:48:21

Hi all
Well, after 13 months of not sleeping through our DD started walking and it was like someone flicked a switch. Hallelujah!!! However, at 17 months (she's now nearly 20 months) she stopped going through the night again and it's been a bloody killer. Ther last few weeks have been particularly bad: coupled with the water torture of lack of sleep, is the strength and wilfulness of a toddler throwing herself around her cot, around her room, screaming, choking - it has been horrific.
So we've done some snooping on the web and have come across this notion of 18 month olds going through a sleep regression which then resolves itself without too much trouble: is it a myth?? I hope to God it isn't because we're at breaking point but at least knowing that this could be the reason will give us the energy to get through this nasty little phase.
PLEASE - no replies re controlled crying. She started going through without it after much soul searching on our part. Oh, and her routine hasn't changed at all.
Answers on a postcard, please....!

bubbles12 Tue 18-Oct-11 13:11:15

Definitley NOT a myth! There is a book called Wonder Weeks which I believe explains about sleep regressions. (Not got it myself but have seen it recommended on here)
I think the general idea is that you have to ride it out and it will sort itself out soon enough. Hope so anyway!

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