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I finally got my DD to sleep in her own bed, but now I can't.

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Daisy1986 Mon 17-Oct-11 01:45:56

My dd is 2, still bf during the night and we've coslept since day one. She would never go near her cot but once I took the sides off she was happy to spend increasing amounts of time in her own bed. My problem is now she is in her own bed for part of the night (7pm - 1am typically) I can't sleep until shes next to me. I don't know whether I'm awake waiting for her to wake up or I just miss her (like my own favourite teddy iykwim) and can't sleep. Its not as if I'm not tired, I fall asleep on the sofa infront of the TV, go up to bed and I'm wide awake again.

Has anybody else been through this? How did you sort yourself out?

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 17-Oct-11 19:13:39

Ha, yes - I was like this when we first moved DD into her own room. I would creep in and sleep on the spare bed in her room to start with. Eventually I needed to do that less and less and as DD's overnight awakenings became fewer, my body/mind gradually got used to sleeping without her next to me.

The tricky part is sorting it when you're still expecting your DD to wake you a few hours after you've gone to sleep. At the moment your mind is conditioned to be ready for your DD, you need to train it out of that. It might be easier to sort yourself out once she's in her own bed all night...

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