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Is anyone using their 2.5 tog sleeping bag yet?

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harverina Sat 15-Oct-11 23:30:33

Just DD is 18 mo and sleeps with a vest and cotton baby grow or cotton pyjamas. At the moment she is still in her 1 tog sleeping bag with a sheet on top too...the sheet is more for security, as we find she sleeps better tucked in, but need to use a sleeping bag as she is usually at the top of the bed by morning...

I have our 2.5 togs washed and ready but wasnt sure when to start using them?

AGreatBalancingAct Sat 15-Oct-11 23:39:41

Yes - just started using on 7mo DD last week, with a sleepsuit. She doesn't seem to have been too hot!

LittleMilla Sun 16-Oct-11 09:34:16

Yup, I am. My DS's room is quite chilly because of a draughty window (we live in an old victorian house). Saying that, it's usually about 19 degrees in there.

He sleeps in a long sleeved vest, sleepsuit and sleeping bag. And the poor love always had cold hands when I go in and get him...but I know that his body is warm, so don't worry.

Caz10 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:49:17

Yip, old house here too, and we're in the frozen north (Scotland!) so dd has been in it for at least a month! Short sleeved vest and baby grow underneath, I think soon it will be time for a long sleeved vest.

WorrisomeHeart Sun 16-Oct-11 19:52:56

Yep, DS is wearing cotton pjs under his - he was in a vest as well a couple of nights ago but was too hot, it's a fine line at the moment!

harverina Sun 16-Oct-11 20:04:12

Great thanks...I am in Scotland dd's room is still quite warm at night so I'm going to wait for now...I live in a modern flat. Tonight my dd's room is 21 degrees! Thanks again smile

Caz10 Sun 16-Oct-11 21:02:44

Ooh haverina I'm coming to stay at yours tonight! We didn't manage 21 in the summer I don't think!!

redcamels Mon 17-Oct-11 17:17:10

Yes, 6mo DS slept in long sleeve vest, sleep suit and 2.5 tog bag last night.

Beware of using sheets/blankets with sleeping bags; if you need more warmth then increase clothing or tog.

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 17-Oct-11 19:08:45

Yes, DD's been in her 2.5 tog for a good month or so. She wears a babygro underneath and we put a too-big cardigan on her as well. Her room is the coolest in the house. The useful thing about the cardigan is that it's easy to remove it if she's a bit too hot as she wears it over the sleeping bag. Because it's a bit too big, it means her hands don't get too cold too.
DD is very sensitive to her temperature when it comes to sleep and she's been sleeping excellently in this arrangement for the last week or so.

harverina Tue 18-Oct-11 22:46:29

Thanks everyone.

I thought it was only quilts that were a no no over sleeping bags?

redcamels Wed 19-Oct-11 15:02:56

No, sleeping bags should be used on their own with no other bedding. smile

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