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Bedtime Nightmare

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PuppiesRock Sat 15-Oct-11 20:18:51

Hello all. I'm new to Mum's net but I felt I should try here to get a little bit of advice about my little boy.
He's just turned one and has never been a very good sleeper, however I started CC last week and things have been going well. I no longer have to go to bed at 7pm with him and have my night times back.....BUT there is a problem. He is getting very upset BEFORE he goes to bed. As soon as he sees me getting his things ready to take upstairs he runs to me and starts crying, he will then cry all the way though his bathtime, getting ready for bed, storytime, skips his night-time bottle cause he is crying and does not stop until I leave the room after telling him good night. I just don't know what im doing wrong. Any advice would be welcome.

Cakebunny Sun 16-Oct-11 12:53:39


CC is not for me (not until i become really desperate and understand your plight! - so this is not a criticism, each to their own!)
So i read the no-cry sleep solution (and it's starting to work fingers crossed)
Anyhow i remember reading in their that they might think their bed is not such a nice place to go because of the CC as it's where they go and cry & be unhappy. It suggests spending some fun time (a couple of 10min slots a day) in and around the cot during the day - reading a book, singing, playing.
We did this anyway and he's not so opposed to his cot anymore...

Good luck

p.s try not to think your doing anything wrong, baba's are so complex he might just stop by himself!

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