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Ordinary drop-side cot vs 'bedside' cot

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lilysma Thu 13-Oct-11 11:55:42

Can anyone advise from experience? DS, 11 weeks is outgrowing his moses basket. TBH he only sleeps in there for some day naps and ATM we are co-sleeping at night. However I am struggling with this now as he is so fidgety it is hard for me to get any sleep even when he does, so planning to try to get him in a cot next to me for at least some of the night.

I'm considering a 'bedside' cot (i.e. one where the side drops right under the cot and you can pull it flush with the bed) but am not sure whether this is in practice all that different from an ordinary drop side cot where you can pull the side down to put them in/settle them but have to put it back up again for them to sleep. In practice I'm sure with a bedside cot you have to pull them back into the bed to feed/cuddle etc but is it substantially easier to do this than with a drop side cot? A friend has a drop side cot I can use but I would have to buy a 'bedside' one so am wondering if it would be worth it.

MissingMySleep Thu 13-Oct-11 22:27:44

the bedside one I had for my second child was fabulous. She slept away from me but I could just put my hand across to touch her if she was fussing about, whihc was nice for me and for her

plus I could pull her across for feeding then slide her back

if Ihad another baby it would be a must

MinnieBloodBar Thu 13-Oct-11 22:31:49

If you mean a bog-standard drop-side cot, then they don't go down that far really. We still have our bedside cot, well, bedside and DD2 is nearly 17mths - but when I'm feeding in the mornings and on the odd occasion where we've needed to soothe her out of their shared bedroom, it's still really useful. And when she and DD1 were newborns it was fantastic. You'll find they shuffle over to sleep in your armpit still, but at least you can gently move them back - especially if you put a blanket down underneath so you can move them without touching directly IYSWIM.

BuongiornoPrincipessa Thu 13-Oct-11 22:34:29

Get a bedside cot or just remove one side from a dropside cot. It's great, extends the sleeping surface so you can just slide lo over to feed and roll them back when you want to sleep.

Leaving the drop side on is harder as you have to lift them over and risk waking them.

MissingMySleep Thu 13-Oct-11 22:53:29

i got mine from mothercare, it was a few years ago, but it was lovely

lilysma Fri 14-Oct-11 10:42:37

Thanks everyone, seems to be a resounding yes vote for the bedside cot. Missingmysleep I read one review of the Mothercare one that said it moved about too much due to being on castors - did you find that?

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