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How to cure a one year old early riser, and shorten resettles before number 2 appears?

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NinkyNonker Wed 12-Oct-11 07:43:54

Dd isn't a bad sleeper overall at 14 months, approx half the time she will sleep 7pm to around 5am, the rest may involve a wake up anytime from midnight till 5. At the moment she has a nasty cough that seems to wake her about 1030, but she will then sleep till 0530, 0600.

But I'll be honest, the 0500,0530 wake UPS every day are killing us, we bring her in with us for a feed and she then climbs all over the bed till the alarm goes at 0645.

The other problem which is linked, I think, is that if she wakes anytime after 1am ish it can take 2 hours to resettle her. DH is a bit quicker than me, but it still takes a while. So of course if she wakes at 4ish it is close going to resettle her before the alarm goes, at which point she normally wakes again meaning we've been up since 0400!

So in summary: how can we discourage early rising, and shorten the length of time it takes to settle? I'm nearly 3 months pregnant and knackered, and think that we need to improve things before number 2 appears!

Thanks all.

bumpertobumper Wed 12-Oct-11 20:56:15

wish i had some answers. I came on here looking for some help with the same issue with 13 month DS2. Frequent 4.30am wake. Doestn' go back to sleep properly, will doze a bit, maybe sleep for an hour if co-sleeping and lucky (but i don't sleep properly then). but then come 5.30/6 - it's time to start the day - argh. He often wakes DS1 who is 4 and needs and likes his sleep. And i have recently started back to work and could really use some rest ...

I will be keeping an eye on this thread to see if anyone has any advice, please!!


NinkyNonker Thu 13-Oct-11 07:37:33

That's what we had this morning...yawn...

Meggymoodle Sun 16-Oct-11 21:15:40

Ladies - posted this on another board the other day - excuse the repetition and the fact that it doesn't answer all the questions but hope it might help a bit. I'm off to bed now, in anticipation that it won't work again for me tonight!

OK, this may be a coincidence and it may never work again, but we've been having a nightmare with night wakings and early morning wakings with DD - 10 months. For the last 3 months or so she has been waking at anything after 5 but always before 5.30 every morning and not going back to sleep, unless she's had an hour or so awake in the night and then she'll sleep a little longer but that's not a great trade off either.

I took her again to the cranial osteopath, as it had helped back along. I saw a different guy this time who has 3 kids of his own and he said had I tried putting a radio in her room with her. No, I hadn't. So anyway, he suggested that we put Radio 4/World service, or something with talking on, very quietly when she went to bed and then she wouldn't feel alone when she woke up. Nothing to lose thought I. First night she slept from 7pm - 6.20am - she has never done that in her whole 10 months, last night she slept from 6.45pm - 5am and my heart sank but she grizzled for 15 minutes and went back to sleep until 7am! She has very rarely managed to put herself back to sleep before at that time in the morning.

Anyway, I have no idea whether it'll work tonight but I'll be giving it a go. It has of course had an impact on day-time napping and I'm a bit stuffed with that but just wanted to share the knowledge and hope it works for someone else. I've no idea whether it's the osteopathy that worked or the radio either so that's not much help is it? But I suspect the radio as it was such a dramatic change.

NinkyNonker Wed 19-Oct-11 21:19:07

Hmmmm, interesting! Maybe worth a go, thanks!

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