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Having to 'sit by the door' for my 2 year old...

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LorelaisMommy Tue 11-Oct-11 15:52:10

Please can anyone help? My 2 yr old DD has been in her proper bed for a couple of months now and was doing fine for the first 3 weeks or so. Since then, we have tears on the last page or two of the last book (she has 3) and then lots of tears and I have to promise to sit by the door. I don't actually do that, if I can I shut the door and go downstairs, but it is quite distressing for both of us. DH is even worse off as he has to sit inside the room and slowly creep out. She will often wake up within 30-40 mins and cry for us.
I don't want to do the cry it out method, but with a new baby in the house (only one week so it isn't that!) it is becoming quite wearing and I am starting to lose patience with her which I really don't want to do. It's even more frustrating as she will go down for her nap fine!
Please help!

Iggly Tue 11-Oct-11 16:16:47

I stay with DS until he falls asleep - he's just 2 and in a new bed for the last month or so. He was ok when in a cot.

I figured it's probably quite a change being in an enclosed cot to a big wide bed. I usually find him curled up against the bed guard or sometimes on the arm chair in his room.

Anyway, I would suggest you stay, give her the reassurance then gradually move away and say you'll be back. I've been doing this with DS and some days I can leave the room. Is there a way you can make it more cosy for her? A fav toy to cuddle? Try and give loads o cuddles - tears at the end of the book sound like she's not liking bedtime which you dont want.

Also you have to consider whether the new baby has unsettled her a bit more she will need more reassurance from you anyway.

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