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Always tired.. 3 yr old dd never sleeps all night

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liverLadyLass Tue 11-Oct-11 00:39:38

My daughter is three turned and has only slept a hand full of times all night! She is on the go all day and find it hard sometimes to keep up with her.. I feel tired all the time, She is very restless all night tossing and turning she will wake up and cry for juice, once she has had her juice she will then go back to sleep but only beside me in my bed,she is also in pull ups at night which she hates but wets the bed as she drinks to much during the night and she also drinks tremendous amount of juice during the day too.??. She will sleep in her own bed but I have to lay beside her for hours sometimes till she falls asleep, if I try to get her to sleep in her room and be firm she'll say but mummy I just want cuddles and your my best friend and I just feel terrible that I give in i love my cuddles during the night but she takes up all the room and I'm constantly sleep disturbed with her restless-ness kicking while she's sleeping and up and down for juice all night.. How can I keep her in her bed till morning without making her feel I don't want her there I just need sleep to keep up with her without my wee darling getting upset or hating me or so she's not scared?? An advice??

MollyintheMoon Tue 11-Oct-11 00:50:43

Wow. I think you need to be tough here or else this will never stop. You are the adult and you know what's best for her. If she was holding a knife you wouldn't think twice about taking it from her, despite her arguments. You need to train her to sleep through the night.

You're being a big softiewink

piprabbit Tue 11-Oct-11 01:15:42

Firstly, get her to do a wee last thing before she goes to sleep - and then don't let her have juice in the night (rubbish for her teeth too).

Next, develop a nice bedtime routine. Perhaps a book, a story CD, a nightlight, special blanket.

Then, once the routine is complete, leave her room. Pop back in to silently resettle her if you have to, but don't hover or chat.

If she wakes in the night, really force yourself to return her straight to bed (I know it can feel easier just to barely wake, wiggle over and enjoy the cuddle).

Stick to your guns, she won't hate you or be scared (cross not to be getting her own way, but not scared). This will not damage your relationship with her. In fact, if you are both well-rested it is likely to improve your daytime relationship.

Good Luck - it will eventually click.

jade80 Tue 11-Oct-11 01:28:28

When you say on the go, what do you mean? Just buzzing about doing things inside, or actual physical activity outside that leaves her tired?

liverLadyLass Tue 11-Oct-11 15:43:44

Thanks for you time to comment..
I think I maybe a softie she does just look at me or cry and I feel so guilty..
Pip your ideas are great I'll try them tonight.. Sometimes I just feel so lethargic and it is easier just to cuddle in but know I can't get cuddles from my hubby..
When I says she's on the go I mean she doesn't stop she's on the go all day,an I find me being shattered hard to keep up with

liverLadyLass Tue 11-Oct-11 15:44:48

She's on the go at home as well as nursery and gymnastics but never seems tired?

thestringcheeseincident Tue 11-Oct-11 15:46:16

you need the super nanny routine. return to bed, return to bed, return to bed.
and no juice in the evenings.

MollyintheMoon Tue 11-Oct-11 15:52:52

Lying next to her in bed for hours is keeping her awake. She has to learn to fall asleep on her own. Get a routine going, story, lie with her for a couple of minutes then say time for sleep. Tell her you have to do the washing up or get things ready for the morning.

She will be upset at first but be firm. She needs her sleep and it won't take long for her to accept a new routine.

jade80 Tue 11-Oct-11 20:25:12

Does she go out much at nursery? Good long walks or physical activity like riding bikes, running races etc. outside should tire her out more than just playing indoors or a bit of gymnastics (which isn't that tiring at a 3 year old level). Get her tired out and I think you'll see a difference.

MollyintheMoon Tue 11-Oct-11 20:48:43

The other thing is that your DD is anxious that you're going to leave her all the time which could be why she sleeps badly.

I went through this when my DD was 18 months. Once I realised that I was keeping her awake by staying in the room and changed her routine, she slept much better.

liverLadyLass Tue 11-Oct-11 22:16:57

My dd goes to nursery four afternoons a week and then gymnastics 1 day a week,then she has a family day on a Saturday were as we do something as a family swimming etc,, then on sundays its housework school uniforms etc.. she is only really in the house in the morning during the week, I'll get my son ready for school then get my dd and myself organised then get the house sorted and lunch before nursery..then I'll go Into work until dd and ds finishes,my seven year old son who does football during the week as well as school,, and with the amount of homework he gets,it's quite difficult to go anywhere after school for fun as homework and dinner etc takes up that time,, my hubby works and has his own business and I don't have any family that are good support network,so I basically try and fit everything in,in the time I have for everyone.. She is up no less than twice on a good night,and if I say she can't have juice she'll go ballistic and I worry for my son as he has school that she will wake him up... My hubby says it's because shes too cute.. We let her watch a DVD at night I'd prefer not to, but it does sometimes help her go down.. When reading story's there is always one more she wants.. But even if I say that's it she will then ask for something else.. I spoke to her nursery teacher and she says that she is such a lovely well mannered little girl but a worrier? she will ask the same question over and over again even though she has been given the answer over and over? Which has kind of puzzled me because we have never seen her as a worrier in fact she is the complete opposite she has no fear, she will jump straight in were as my son would sit and think about it before hand.. I don't know if maybe we are just so close or if she does in fact have a fear of me not being there?? She is such a light sleeper and a restless sleeper also, she can be shattered and then she will get a second wind.. She has never even slept during the day for a nap since she was tiny.. It's like she's going to miss something smile

liverLadyLass Tue 11-Oct-11 22:22:19

Yes jade she spend half the time in nursery then half the time outside In the garden were there is a play centre and bikes etc she also plays in our garden with her brother with her bike, slide and other toys

jade80 Tue 11-Oct-11 22:26:15

Maybe try some of the suggestions above then, if you can't tire her out more, there's some good advice there. Do you have a dog, could you take her on a mile or two walk a day with it, or without if you don't have one? Worth a try, if you can spare the time (know I'd struggle!)

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