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What time does/did your 5 month old go to sleep at bedtime?

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Taranta Mon 10-Oct-11 19:56:03

Reason I ask is that DS (20 weeks) seems to be telling me with his fractiousness come 5pm ish that he needs to go to bed, and that seems too too early to me...? His bedtime routine (bath, feed, rock till asleep and stealthily place in crib) was happening 6.30-8pm all in but now I'm doing the bath time at 5.30...he is an atrocious sleeper/napper* and will wake 5 times or so a night, but i usually manage to get him to sleep for 2 or three 30 min sleeps during the day, sometime miraculously a 90 min sleep at lunch, and he is generally awake to greet the day (shouting, usually) at 5am ish...

*Anyone direct me to the most recent sleep deprivation thread btw?!

downpipe Mon 10-Oct-11 22:20:42

If he's up at 5 am, 5.30 bedtime seems about right.Both mine (2years and 27weeks) went into the cot at about 8 pm at this age and were up at 8 am(with a couple of feeds during the night).I would find a 5am start too early though and would try and keep him up later in the evening to shift the sleep pattern.My first one had proper naps at this age of 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.Not been able to do this with DS2 due to toddlers timetable taking over but apparently good daytime sleep helps night time sleep too.It must be very tiring for you..I've just had the 5 x a night waking with my second,it is exhausting but then it just sorted itself out so this might just be a phase, sleep is often bad around this age but once they are on proper food often the multiple waking settles down

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