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Mornings getting earlier and earlier

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GastroTurf Mon 10-Oct-11 09:31:46

DD's waking is gradually creeping forward, 6am is becoming the norm, whereas it used to be 6.45. Yesterday was 5.30.

Any ideas? Putting her to bed later doesn't work. She's 16 months, and self-settles well in the night, but at that time she just won't go back to sleep, even though she's tired.

honeylamb Mon 10-Oct-11 18:13:53

What does she sleep in the day? My son did this at a similar age, I realized that the longer he slept in the day the earlier he got up. it was as though he needed 13 hours sleep out of 24 hours and however much he got in the day he would knock off in the night by waking up earlier! ie if he slept for 3 hours in the day, then went to bed at 7 he would be up at 5, if I limited his nap to 1 hour he would sleep to 7!

Other then that have you tried black-out blinds, is the central heating coming on at that time and waking her? Try supper before bed if it's hunger?

GastroTurf Mon 10-Oct-11 18:38:15

Have blackout blinds, there's been no change to her meal times. I can't really think of a solid correlation between the time she wakes and the amount of sleep during the day, but will keep an eye over the next few days.

Sometimes it's hard to keep her awake in the mornings if we have to go out in the car and she's been up too early.

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