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started cc, now dd teething - what do I do?

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ReastieHorrorShow Sat 08-Oct-11 06:35:35

We've been doing cc for 5 days on my 7mo now (no judgements on me please confused ). She's had a horse voice (which I put down to screaming alot sad ) for a couple of days and yesterday started a snotty nose and being generally unsettled and desperately chewing on everything.

I think she's teething (no teeth yet) but it could be a cold, but, either way, she's not right.

We were having some sucess with cc but she was still crying for up to half an hour to get herself to sleep and most nights waking and crying.

I feel so heartbroken leaving her to cry when she's not right. Last night we went back a bit to our old methods of comforting her as I just couldn't bring myself to do cc with her not right.

What should I do? Do we need to see it through? Should I give her a break until better and then start again? I don't want her suffering and in pain and ignored but equally I don't want all the work and all the crying she's done to be for nothing. Feeling really confused

Iggly Sat 08-Oct-11 06:43:04

I'd stop. Even if the cc had worked before she got ill, shed probably be waking and you'd comfort her as before so why not stop now and wait until she's better?

ReastieHorrorShow Sat 08-Oct-11 06:56:53

iggy it's ok to start from scratch again then? I feel bad for letting her go through all the crying only to stop for a while (but then terrible if i let her cry when not right)

Iggly Sat 08-Oct-11 07:13:37

Of course it's ok. Because she's not right, it would only take longer anyway. Any sleep training would be like this regardless of method.

I didn't use cc but would get DH to settle DS when cutting night feeds which involved a lot of tears. However if he was ill or teething, I'd feed him instead. Then go back to DH doing it when he was fine again. He got the hang of it just fine.

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