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How do I get rid of 10 month old DS woombie? Help needed pls!!!

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justabigkidatheart Fri 07-Oct-11 14:13:40

So ds is 10, yes 10 months old and has been swaddled to sleep since birth. At about 5 months old he was able to break out of his swaddle but could not sleep without it so I bought him one of these. I have tried so many times to put him to bed without it, but he will not go to sleep, let alone stay asleep. He just cries, pulls his dummy out, rolls over, every thing but go to sleep. I am not prepared to let him cry so within minutes, he is back in his woombie and instantly asleep.

It has to go now, he won't sleep in his pushchair, car seat, unless he is tightly tucked in with a blanket, but the older he gets, the stronger he gets and just breaks free.

Thank you

Angel786 Fri 07-Oct-11 16:24:04

Tough one. We swaddled DD until 5 mths. Have you tried a growbag? We moved onto those post swaddling, although the arms are free the legs are still tucked away in the bag.

If he's been swaddled for 10 months he'll need time to readjust to sleeping without the woombie which may mean you have to brace yourself for a few tears.

Good luck!

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