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megcleary Fri 07-Oct-11 12:09:31

DD2 is 8mo today and started crawling yesterday (yay)

Why is this in sleep you say, well as she has been getting to this point her sleep has been shit. Its never been great but now it is in hell.

Bed is about 7pm them wails sometime between 10-11 settles with a bottle, the again between 2-3 and then awake at EXACTELY 05.20.

Half hour nap at about 9.30 and then for awhile she was doing 90 min nap 1.30-15.00. Last few days this long naps has been awake after 30 mins wailing pick her up she is still shattered rubbing eyes etc put her back in cot and then she goes back for another 40-50 mins.

I am going insane, DH wants to keep popping in at night to resettle her and not feed her which leads to her crying getting louder etc but DD1 has just started school and is knackered by DD2 waking her.

As she has now started crawling is there a chance her sleep will improve or any other advice appreciated.

megcleary Fri 07-Oct-11 12:40:56


4madboys Fri 07-Oct-11 12:57:24

it could be that as she has learnt to crawl that her sleep may be a bit worse for a while, it often is with a developmental leap, but it should settle down, it is quite common also for babies to have a sleep regression at around 8-9mths tho i am afraid sad

i think just be consisten with what you do to settle her, i wouldnt leave her to cry, (i could never do it) but also she is still very little.

also milk is still her main source of nutrition so she probably needs some milk at night maybe? i know people who give their babies 'supper' a little bowl of porridge in the evening, before bed, if she is waking through hunger this may help?

the early mornings are a pita, mine have all gone through phases of doing that, n ot much you can do about it, black out blinds? and you may find as the winter draws in that she naturally starts to sleep in later.

hang on in there xx

megcleary Fri 07-Oct-11 14:49:53

well her four month sleep regression has run into the 8 month one then sad
I wont leave her to cry can't do it
She is not taking solids well at all and porrige is an affront in the morning will be the same in the evening

we have black out blinds

am cracking up

megcleary Fri 07-Oct-11 19:21:20

evening bump

Catspersonalbanker Sat 22-Oct-11 19:38:56

If shes started crawling she'll need loads of extra calories to keep her satisified. Is she getting enough solids in the day?

I've added porridge or baby rice to fruit purees and am using the HIPP good night milk that has cereals in it to keep DD satisfied through the night. She is 7.5 mo and has been crawling for about 6 weeks. As a guide there are some days where she will eat
70Z bottle, then an hour later 4oz bottle made into porridge, 11AM 7 0z bottle (sometimes a snack too). 12.30 the equivalent of a small jar of baby food and youghurt, 3PM, 7Oz bottle and snack (fruit rice cakes etc).
5PM tea- bread, muffins, cheese on toast
6.30 6oz night milk

DD has always woken at 5.30- even when breast fed don't think I'll evenr have a lie in again!

Some days she doesn't want to be spoon fed so I give her a rice cake to try to feed herself with whilst sneaking in spoonfuls when she is not paying attention.

Some days she'll eat even more, today as she is teething, has a cold and really bad nappy rash if slightly off her food but ate 2/3 of this.

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