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16mth old unable to get through night without food?!

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MatchsticksForMyEyes Fri 07-Oct-11 12:01:53

DS has never been a good sleeper. The last few weeks he has been waking at random times in the night and as he just wants to pester me for bf, I have been leaving him in bed with DH and going to the spare room.
He was then waking at 5ish desperate for a bf and then not really settling after that until he was given breakfast around 6.
So this week DH has been taking up some bread and giving him that at whatever time he wakes up. DS has devoured it all and then this morning for example, did not wake until 6.30 for his bf.
He eats loads of food through the day and has porridge and a bf before bed.
Is it normal for him to need to eat in the night as well?! I never had this problem with DD. I also think if I woke in the night and was ravenous I would have to go and get something to eat before being able to go back to sleep.

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