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Lunchtime sleep problems - 5.5mth Ds

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Aerial Sun 26-Oct-03 21:05:51

I follow Gina - because I am convinced her routines work. Dd is 2 yrs, Ds is 5.5 mths. Dd has followed G's routines brilliantly, and she still has a 2 hr lunchtime sleep. Ds is on G's schedule until the lunchtime sleep...

He goes down for his lunchtime sleep at 12.30 (occasionally this slips to 12.45) but invariably wakes after 45 mins/1 hr/1.5hrs. He can usually go back to sleep himself if he wakes after 45mins, but then often wakes again after another 15 - 45 mins and will not go back to sleep. I let him cry it out but he gets hysterical and in the end I pick him up as its time for the 2.30 milk feed. There is no regularity to his sleep pattern at this time. I can't help expecting it and wanting it, especially having had Dd do it all so well. I don't understand how my 2 yr old can need more sleep than my 5.5 mth old. He has had phases of sleeping 2 hrs regularly so I know he can do it, but more often than not doesn't make it, then is tired and grumpy later in the afternoon (and as I am out with my toddler most days he doesn't get to catch up later in the day). How can I get the 2 hr lunch sleep established better?? Could I have a baby that just needs less daytime sleep than most babies?? Any suggestions VERY welcome!

lalaa Sun 26-Oct-03 21:09:37

Have you tried reducing the morning sleep?? I had to be v. strict about getting dd up after 45 mins otherwise her afternoon sleep would get messed up.

alison222 Mon 27-Oct-03 13:59:38

Is something disturbing him after 45 mins. At that age this is the time at which they come into very light sleep and if there is any noise are likely to wake up to see what is going on.
Have you tried going in immediately he stirs and cuddling him/stroking him (whatever works for you) back to sleep again?
It may be that he just isn't very tired and that this will change once he is sitting up/moving. I know that with my DS now nearly 3 that until he started to walk and was really tiring himself out that lunchime naps were a bit hit and miss but that they suddenly improved then (have to say that DS now 8mths sleeps like a dream but then her nap is later to fit in with going to playgroups in the mornings)

anto Mon 27-Oct-03 14:15:13

I'm having similar probs with dd2. My dd1 was the same as yours - in a Gina routine from 5 months and was very predictable and a great sleeper. But dd2 goes down at 12.30-1pm and then sometimes sleeps for 2-2.5 hrs and sometimes wakes after 45mins. No rhyme or reason to it. She's now done about 3 days of 45mins and it makes life much more difficult as she then wants to go back to bed at 4.30pm, which isn't ideal.

I am telling myself it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it. It is hard for her as 2 days a week I have to take dd1 to nursery at 1pm so I put dd2 in the double buggy and she usually sleeps for the trip to nursery and back but then wakes as soon as we get into the house and then I try to put her back in bed after the 2.30pm milk feed for an hour's nap. It's all a bit touch and go though.

Nights are not good either at the moment, but that's another story...

vivie Mon 27-Oct-03 19:56:37

my ds's lunch time naps got much better when he was properly on solids - perhaps having a really full tummy helps. Aerial, have you started weaning - how's that going?

futurity Mon 27-Oct-03 20:09:39

I had this problem as well with ds which was resolved with weaning (well about 2-3 weeks after weaning started). How long is he having for morning nap?

Aerial Tue 28-Oct-03 21:34:28

Thank you all so much for your messages. Really helpful and reassuring!

Alison222 - funnily enough I just had the thought myself today that maybe things would improve when he is more physically active - maybe he really isn't that tired. It is encouraging to hear that things improved for your Ds when he was more active. And, by the way, what time does your 8mth Dd have her nap? For how long and does she just have one now??

Anto, I too end up having to put him back to bed at 4.30, which isn't ideal as often we are out at this time or Dd is up and around its not quiet child-free time as it would be if he took that extra 1/2 hr sleep at lunchtime when Dd is sleeping too. I just find the hit and miss thing quite frustrating but hope that things will get better...

I don't think he's hungry as he eats lots (now on 3 meals - solids- a day). A couple of you asked if something might be disturbing him some days at around 45 mins into the sleep. We live by a railway line, under a flight path and on a footpath where noisy children sometimes walk (ie right under his window). I suppose these things arn't helping!

I hope things get better!...

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