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Back-To-Bed Technique? Stay-in-bed alarm clock? What works?

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HomemadeCakes Wed 05-Oct-11 11:09:30

Hi there,

DD is 2.4 and has always slept through the night from about 5 weeks old. About 6 months ago we took the side off of her cot-bed, effectively turning it into a toddler bed and she seems to love it. The new Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty duvet sets have also added to her pleasure of getting into bed.

We've never had a problem with bedtime and have had the same routine since she was very young. Teeth, milk, story in the rocking chair and then into bed.

For the first 4 months of being in her bed, she never got out of it in the night, even if she was ill. She would just sit in bed and call for us. She knew she could get out as in the mornings when we'd go in to get her up, she would climb out, but she just never did it in the night.

Well, since she was ill a couple of weeks ago (tummy bug followed by a cold), she has started getting out of bed. When she was ill it was at all hours, but because she was ill, I would take her into our bed and she would go back to sleep. But she's now doing it even though she's better.

More often than not it's after 5am when the dogs will occasionally bark and I think that wakes her. But last night it was 1am.

Both DH and I work FT with DH starting at 5am and me starting at 8am, so we're generally up around 6.30am anyway to get her ready for the CM.

I'm exhausted as I seem to always take on the 'getting up to see to her' role. In fairness, last night I took her back to bed twice and she didn't cry either time and then slept until about 5.30am when the dogs barked and woke her.

So, what methods did you find worked? I was looking at one of the 'Stay-in-bed' alarm clocks and trying to explain to her when she could get out of bed etc and when she needed to stay in bed. Or should I still be tackling it with the 'Back-to-bed' process, even if it's 5am, or is that only for middle-of-the-night situations?

Any help and advice gratefully received...

HomemadeCakes Wed 05-Oct-11 19:25:49


earshot Thu 06-Oct-11 14:28:16

I've got no answers but am watching with interest! DS (2.5) has just today decided to start climbing out of his cot and into DD's (9mo) cot instead of having a nice lunchtime nap. They think it's hilarious. I'm currently failing to see the funny side. Spent an hour extracting and returning DS but the shouting, giggling and escaping continues. Argh!!!!!

notcitrus Thu 06-Oct-11 15:05:27

Now we're going back towards winter I'm using the line "It's dark. It's night time. It's time for you to be in your bed and me to be in my bed." which seems to work OK but when ds (3.0) wakes in the night he usually wants something to drink or eat... we need to start being stricter on water-only at night but he's been going through a phase of not eating much at nursery so however much we stuff him in the evening he's hungry in the night. So focusing on getting more food in during the day to make the cook happy etc.

The Chris Green 'Toddler Taming' book recommends looping something over the outside of the doorhandle and something immovable so you can easily get in the room but the child can't get out. Ds can't quite open his stiff round doorknob so a couple times I've ended up telling him he can play in his room if he wants but I'm going back to bed because it's nighttime (within 5 minutes there's sounds of child going 'humph' and getting back into bed!)

Ds rarely wakes up before 7am but when he did for a while if I didn't have dn here too I ended up just turning on CBeebies, bolting the front door, and leaving him to it. He's a fairly sedate child and house is pretty safe - but if he and dn (slightly older) are here then they get up to all sorts...

AnyoneButLulu Thu 06-Oct-11 15:09:35

Just consistency and dullness I'm afraid. Develop a standard form of back-to-bed words and stick to it (unless they seem genuinely distressed of course) and repeat The Mantra - this too shall pass.

Stay in bed clocks do work for some children - definitely can't do any harm (unless accompanied by terrible and abusive threats of course, but you hardly seem the type).

BikeRunSki Thu 06-Oct-11 15:10:25

My 3yo has been getting up and out of bed for about 4 months now. Stay in Bed alarm clock was a waste of money - he worked out how to overide it very quickly. He can open his door and comes and climbs into our bed (my side, always my side) which I hate at 5am.

He nw has a reading lamp next to his bed. More often or not he will turn it on and play by himself (he might need reminding that he can do this). I don't really like the idea of making his room difficult to get out of - what if he was really ill or frightened? Or wet himself? (rare but happens).

HomemadeCakes Tue 11-Oct-11 15:49:14

Hi all,

Apologies for coming back on the thread so late - thank you all for your comments and advice!

Strangely DD has now reverted back to staying in her bed and just saying very quietly (and in such a cute voice that it's hard to resist) "Mummyyyyyy, Mummyyyyyy" until I go in and get her up and even then it's not until 6am (and considering on week days we have to be up by 6.30am anyway - that doesn't seem too bad).

So for now, all is good with the World again! However, I will certainly keep your advice in mind for when it happens again (and I'm sure it will).

Thank you all again! smile

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