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1 year old waking up early all of a sudden.

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threeinmybed Tue 04-Oct-11 21:25:33

My DS is 12 months and goes to bed at 6pm, and used to sleep until about 8 at the weekends. However, he has recently started waking between 6 and 7, raring to go, but is exhausted and will sleep where he drops by 10, and have another long nap after lunch, having to be woken by us.

What is triggering this? Many thanks x

bumpertobumper Wed 12-Oct-11 22:21:41

you have a baby that loves to sleep, count yourself lucky. put him to bed a bit later if you want him to sleep later...

loverocky Fri 14-Oct-11 21:45:24

totally agree my boy was like that, some days he wakes early and sometimes a little later just like us, when we have had enough sleep we will wake up. i was putting him to bed at 7 and now starting at 7.30 as he seems to go down straight away as soon as he finished his bottle. you just hear him chuck his bottle to the side and he's in dream land. he s been waking on and off during in the night but only for his dummy which is on a clip, but he'll lay difficult and wont be able to get it. and he s got his last few teeth aswell.
i got his dummy on a clip then he follows the material down to the dummy + if it goes down the side of his cot im unable to get it and i end up with a few dummies behind there lol
i am very lucky with my son, he's suck a good boy and next one due in 4 weeks.
defo if you want him to sleep later, put him down a little later smile
i always found bath time half hour before bed and bottle works well smile

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