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Tell me about your day with 10 week old.. naps/activites etc

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WinterLover Tue 04-Oct-11 16:46:25

DS is now 10 weeks old and is awake much mre however im a bit all over the place with activities/naps. Hes bottle fed on demand as thats what works best for us both.

I have PND and luckily its not affecting my relationship with DS. I have noticed that my better days with it are when I have some structure to the day.

So basically im looking at putting a rough structure to my days to help with PND but also so DS gets in some sort of 'routine'

If you could help me out by giving me a basic day of yours id be grateful as I have no idea on napping, activites etc we've just sort of muddled through the past few weeks..

Thankyou grin

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Oct-11 19:54:19

Sorry to hear that you have PND Winter, are you getting some RL help with it? You've probably already contacted them, but just thought I'd mention the Association of Post Natal Illness as their website and helpline are both very good.

Glad to hear though that you've found a way of feeding that you are happy with and that the PND isn't affecting your relationship with DS.

As for routine for a 10 week old, its a bit of a way back but will try to remember.

DD used to get up at 7ish and feed, get changed, watch us eat breakfast and go in the bouncy chair while I had a shower. She would then go in the sling or pram while I did the school run at about 8.30 and be asleep pretty quickly. Then she'd be awake about 10 for another feed, so I'd try to make sure I was somewhere by then, whether it was playgroup or our local NCT group (which welcomes and is open to everyone and is great for meeting local Mums and Mums-to-Be), in a cafe at the shops or just on the sofa in front of Jeremy Kyle.

I'd have lunch between 12 and 1 pm and she'd usually have another feed and kip at 1ish. She'd wake up, have a play and be fed again around 4 and then at 7, although she was a bit of a cluster feeder in the evenings sometimes.

Is there much going on for Mums and Babies around you? Any Aquatots, Playgroups etc or has your Children's Centre got much to offer?

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