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Dreamfeed confusion?!

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Moo14 Mon 03-Oct-11 19:56:00

Hey all!

I have a 6month old baby. She goes to bed about 8/half 8 after a bath etc. We then dreamfeed her about 11/half 11 hoping that she'll sleep through till about 6! But she doesn't sad she wakes up at 3 and then again at 4, then finally goes down on and off till 7/8.

Does anyone have any advice as to what they do for their baby to sleep longer? Shall I not dreamfeed her or maybe do it a bit earlier?

I have no idea sad

Jane7 Mon 03-Oct-11 20:07:30

Why don't you drop the dreamfeed and see what happens? It never worked for my two because it disturbed the longest part of their sleep. You might find she does better without it.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 03-Oct-11 20:13:07

Agree with Jane on the dreamfeed not working for many babies. Waking up twice in a night isn't really that bad for a 6 month old though, she is probably just hungry.

If it was me I'd try to make sure she gets enough ff/bfs tomorrow and leave the dreamfeed tomorrow night and see how you go on.

There is a nice article written by Dr Sears here on babies and sleep, just wish I'd seen it when we had DC1!

lizzie83 Mon 03-Oct-11 20:19:02

I agree that it doesn't work for everyone. The way I did was to cluster feed as well as dream feed. I would give him a feed at about 6pm, then offer him more at his bedtme at 8pm, then without waking him fully give him some more at about 11.30. He slept right through. Hope this helps you just ave to do whatever suits your family.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 03-Oct-11 20:21:39

Do you have any kind of a rountine in the day Moo?

Mimmee Tue 04-Oct-11 10:41:33

We tried dreamfeeding but it made no difference at all, it also made DD grumpy and difficult to resettle.

DD goes to bed about 6.30 - 7.00pm, if she wakes between 10-11pm I will feed her but won't wake her up for this. She almost always wakes between 4-5 whether she has had late feed or not. (disclaimer - that's a "good" night if she sleeps till then and doesn't always happen!)

Try dropping it and see what happens? Good luck!

Moo14 Tue 04-Oct-11 10:49:49

Thanks for your comments everyone, will not dreamfeed tonight and see how it goes!

Yes we do have a routine in the day, she has her lunch at 12 a nap, playtime, then dinner at 5, playtime, bathtime, milk, bedtime smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Oct-11 12:22:12

Sorry Moo didn't really explain myself, thought if you could tell us what milk and food she is having and when we might be able to tweak it for you so that she is more full at night.

Was the link of any use?

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