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How to move my co-sleeping 12 month old to his own room?

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sparrow45 Mon 03-Oct-11 09:01:44

My DS is 12 months old and he has slept in our room since birth. I went back to work when he was about 7 months old....and in a bid to get a decent sleep when he woke through the night we would just bring him into our bed and then all 3 of us slept fairly well. He is quite a light sleeper, when he wakes he is usually standing in his cot crying and at 2am the easiest thing is just to bring him into bed and get back to sleep. He still has a breastfeed in the morning, and has a bottle when going to bed at 7ish, but doesn't feed at all overnight. He has a couple of naps through the day, some are good decent long naps others are only for 25 min or so.
I enjoy waking up every morning with DS next to me and I am a bit conflicted about this coming to an end....but I do feel it would be lovely to go to bed and sleep all night! He loves being in between mum and dad and I'm not sure how to help him to sleep in his cot all night. I know if we do decide to do this it's going to be quite hard, and I worry about how DP and I will cope with working fulltime and being up overnight settling DS.
Anyone else been in this situation? Any advice?
I'm not really into letting him cry it out, I've read the no cry sleep solution and in the past we have tried some of the techniques, but as I said above due to DP and I both working, we have fallen into bringing him into bed just to get a sleep.

justasmallglass Mon 03-Oct-11 21:50:28

It's hard to remember, ds is now 17 months, we too co-slept from birth to when i went back to work at about 10 months. It wasn't a quick fix, more of a gradual transition as i too was a firm believer i wouldn't leave him to cry. We started putting him in his cot after his milk, and i would rub his back til he fell asleep. Sometimes it worked, sometImes not. The length of time just got longer that he would sleep without needing to be settled. Ofcouse just as we thought we had cracked it, chicken pox or teething troubles meant it was harder to settle him, so he has spent some nights back in with us.

I did go through all the cliches about making a rod for my back by cs, but looking back it was so special having him close and sometimes i miss it! He go down between 7-8 now and may wake once or twice but i just rub his back til he falls asleep. He almost became "ready himself" to go to his own bed, less room with us and he wasn't settling as well, he was a big boy and ready himself. Glad i never pushed it and now he generally sleeps well.

I guess just pick whatever works and stick to it, but things do happen when they get poorly for example, so don't beat yourself up. I thought ds would never sleep on his own, but it just happens when they are ready - with a little guidance from us. Bit of a waffle, hope it helps!

Csimms Tue 04-Oct-11 09:00:49

I also co-sleep part of the night with my DS, who is now 15 months. I work full time, so need the sleep. We have had the odd night where he has slept through till 5am.
He has the same bedtime routine at night and usually goes to sleep between 7-8pm. I do actually cuddle him to sleep, which may or may not be a good thing, as he is not then self settling. For me I love it, as it is my special time with him and I feel that it is a wonder feeling knowing he feels safe enough to sleep. He does sleep in his own room.

Occasionally I can get him back to sleep during the night, by giving him his dummy, muslin cloth and patting his back.

I would like it, if when he went to bed at night he stayed asleep till the morning, but I guess he will do it, when he is ready.

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