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Help! can't settle 3 month DS in his own cot

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JeewizzJen Sun 02-Oct-11 21:50:47

Hi all,

My DS currently sleeps on me in my bed. This has worked really well until really recently, with us both sleeping well. Over the past 2 weeks he has become increasingly wriggly, dsrurbing us both, so I've been trying to get him to sleep in a travel cot with bassinet that is next to my bed with little success. Often I can't get him to go down in it at all without waking 5 mins later. Occasionally he will go, (I put him down in a deep sleep) but he never seems to get beyond the first sleep cycle around 45 mins later. I've tried shushiinh him and laying a hand on his chest but it soon escalates to full on crying. I've tried the soothing both at the first sign of waking and after waiting to see I'd he'll settle himself. Same result either way. I've tried picking him up and getting him back to sleep but I don't think I've managed to succeed once in getting him back down. We always end up back in my bed as it just goes on and on otherwise. :-(

I've been doing this for 2 weeks now. Am I just being optimistic that he should be getting better at this by now? Am I doing something wrong?? Is there something else i should try? It's really getting me down now as nothing I do seems to be working. I didn't expect instant results, but some improvement would be heartening!

justasmallglass Mon 03-Oct-11 22:04:48

It's really hard i know. Ds is now 17 mths. I remember trying him in a cot by the bed, mattress by the bed so i could hold onto him to soothe him. We co-slept from birth and there were times it was hard as he wriggled to get comfy, but still he wasn't ready forhis cot. Co-sleeping generally was the only solution for us. Not much advice really but just to say it does pass and gets easier.

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