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Should I co-sleep or let ds sleep on his side?

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Mummynumber2 Sat 01-Oct-11 17:21:41

Ds (nearly 4 months) has never been able to sleep flat on his back as he usually throws up and finds it very difficult to settle. He's never really slept for more than a few minutes in his cot on his back. As a result I've ended up co-sleeping most if the time, out if necessity rather than choice. I hardly get any sleep because i'm worried about rolling onto him. Every time I bring it up with various hv's they tell me that i should never co-sleep and to raise the cot mattress at one end, which makes no difference at all.
Recently I've realised that if on his side he will sleep for 5 or 6 hours in the night. But I still can't sleep as i'm worried he's going to roll onto his front, he's actually done this twice during the day but I was checking him frequently so noticed very quickly Just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation & what they ended up doing, or if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!

DaisySteiner Sat 01-Oct-11 17:23:51

Are you breastfeeding? If so, then personally I'd co-sleep. Google safe co-sleeping to get some info. AFAIK there is no good evidence that says that co-sleeping when done 'safely' is any more dangerous than being in a cot.

Mummynumber2 Sat 01-Oct-11 17:36:05

Yes, I'm breastfeeding but to be honest I'm not feeding him much during the night any more. He's actually a very good sleeper when he's not on his back!
Thanks for reminding me about safe co-sleeping. I have read some stuff on it before. Various health visitors have terrified me about it I think!

I would really like him to sleep in his cot at some point though!

wolfcubEm83 Mon 03-Oct-11 20:28:49

DD wont sleep on her back at all, she also throws up and is generally very unsettled. As soon as i took her out of the moses basket at about 8 weeks and put her in the cot on her side she slept at least 8 hours straight every night grin and has done ever since (5 weeks later) Blisssssss

Its worth saying that i only put her down on her left side, if i put her on her right side she automatically rolls onto her front. She can roll onto her front from both sides but for some reason she doesnt on her left. You could always put a rolled up flannel down her front so she cant roll, apparently thats what my mom did with me.

Hope it works for you x

Iggly Mon 03-Oct-11 20:38:14

I put DS on his left at a similar age. He wasn't far off rolling and by 5ish months he rolling onto his front and started sleeping for long stretches (he had reflux).

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