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Clocks going back, anyone else sleep deprived and dreading it ?

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Tillysmummy Sat 25-Oct-03 07:57:21

DD woke at 5.40 this morning. The last few days its been around 6 but regression this morning (probably because I was out last night at my dad's 60th birthday party and didn't get back till half 12 with a drunken snoring husband!!). So I am tired. I know I shouldn't grumble I could have it a lot worse but when I am pg I am so tired anyway and the early waking is the icing on the cake ! So what is going to happen tomorrow, will dd wake at half 4 ??!! Anyone got any early wakers and secrets to dealing with the clocks ?
Hey ho, well at least it's saturday and the sun is shining.

wuzzybee Sat 25-Oct-03 08:02:22

I have no secrets at all - just logged on to share dread. I suppose I could try putting DD to bed a bit later but I doubt it would work. I guess they'll settle down after a few days.....I guess (hope, pray, beg,,,,,,etc)

hoxtonchick Sat 25-Oct-03 08:08:16

I got up with ds this morning (7.30, remarkably civilized), so that means dp has to get up tomorrow. Ha ha ha. Sorry, that's no help to anyone else at all (unles I send him round to all your houses ) but it make me happy!

Tillysmummy Sat 25-Oct-03 08:27:56

wuzzybee at least im not alone ! Hoxtonchick, well now you come to mention it dh is up tomorrow too !! It's Monday im worried about !

codswallop Sat 25-Oct-03 08:38:45

why we have to do it _ I dunno we should have contintental time and double contitnental int he summer

coppertop Sat 25-Oct-03 08:54:36

dh gloating about having an extra hour in bed tomorrow. Tempted to feign illness so that the lie-in is all mine (evil snigger).

fisil Sat 25-Oct-03 14:33:04

Don't even want to think about it.

Grommit Sat 25-Oct-03 14:57:26

If it is any consolation I always used to worry about this but it is never as bad as it seems -after a few days they seem to settle. Just try to keep up a bit later for a few nights...

katierocket Sat 25-Oct-03 15:00:01

tillysmummy - I think we talked about this on another thread - YOUARE NOT ALONE! DS always been an early waker, normally 6ish but very frequently earlier. I am also dreading clocks going back, I'd actually fogotten

Tillysmummy Sat 25-Oct-03 17:54:48

Yes coppertop, a cunning plan, feign illness, extra time in bed, Sunday papers, cup of tea, peace and quiet !!!!! Katierocket, here's hoping for you and me and everyone else on this thread with early wakers !!! Good idea to go continental on the time front. Im all for that. Anything to avoid getting up in the middle of the night and waiting for children's early morning tv to come on (so I can curl up on the sofa and doze a bit more, I know, I know, bad mother)

Evita Sat 25-Oct-03 22:34:25

Hi, I'm new. But I've been DREADING the clocks changing. 6am is bad enough. But 5??? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

anais Sat 25-Oct-03 23:51:20

Erm is it tonight then???

Finbar Sun 26-Oct-03 06:57:45


Feel dreadful - DS woke at what he assumed to be 7 am - but 6 am for the rest of us!! Had a late night last night in which I didn't drink and so child care has fallen to me - Note to Self - check the clocks situaion before agreeing to such foolhardy arrangements!!!

REALLY looking forward to spending afternoon with friends we've not seen for a while , with ovetired DS and DD!!

katierocket Sun 26-Oct-03 07:09:27

well we had the usual 6am morning call - which is of course now 5am. Grrrrrr...

misdee Sun 26-Oct-03 07:13:52

i kept my kids up late last night, dd1 was still asleep at what would've been 8am, dd2 woke up at the usual time (today 6am). shattered, and i went to bed early.

EmmaTMG Sun 26-Oct-03 07:18:36

Yaaawwwwwwnnnnnn........been up since about 6am, really 5am with DS3 but as he's only 4.5 weeks old I'll forgive him.

Finbar, how do you fancy swapping your over tired kiddies for my hung over DH. I hate him when he's drunk and even more when he's hung over. Still DS1+2 will help me get revenge when they start their daily noise making mission.....although today I won't tell them to be quiet.

coppertop Sun 26-Oct-03 07:38:13

So much for my 'faking an illness' plan. dh got there first, developing a mysterious back complaint at 11pm. Didn't stop him staying up till 4am though! Grrrrrrrr!

sobernow Sun 26-Oct-03 07:41:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coppertop Sun 26-Oct-03 07:47:43

LOL at the baby wipes, sobernow! Know what you mean about the "I'm in such a deep sleep" routine too.

suzywong Sun 26-Oct-03 08:24:40

It seems to me that the trick is to get them in to the afternoon nap at the new time and them everything else should be at the new time for the evening and the following mornings.

DH has had a brainwave this morning - take themt to see an 11 am session of 'Finding Nemo' and the thrill/terror or 18ft fish should get them to that all important nap time on time.

Ask me how it went tomorrow.

Tillysmummy Sun 26-Oct-03 08:57:44

well it wasn't too bad really. She woke at 6.15 (really 5.15) but I was expecting that that and then came into bed with us until 6 new time. Will do everything as usual today by new time and hope for tomorrow. The sad thing is that I am now reduced to thinking that getting up at 5.45 or after is a bonus !!

Ghosty Sun 26-Oct-03 10:18:47

The awful thing for me is that we are now 13 hours ahead of you and so when I am wanting to chat on Mumsnet at 7pm NZ time it will only be 6am UK time and no one is up and posting then!!!
FWIW I can't remember clocks going back to be a pain in the last 3 years ... they get over it in a couple of days ...

Tillysmummy Sun 26-Oct-03 11:08:19

Oh ghosty im normally up around then

Posey Sun 26-Oct-03 12:36:03

We've all had a bug, so dh and I took it in turns to sleep yesterday. Consequently I slept from 6pm, woke at 7 to bf ds as he went to bed, slept on til 10pm, then woke up hungry and thirsty, so up for an hour, then slet til 6:45 (really 5:45) when ds was ready and raring to go. So being ill is probably the best way to get around the clocks changing as you feel crap anyway.

Toots Thu 30-Oct-03 12:39:18

Can't remember any problems last year, but DD, 2 last Sunday, has gone from waking at 6.45/7am to 5.45/6 just since Tuesday. Wierd. Is it just coincidence, or is it the clock thing? Anyone else's little darling still up the swanny?

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