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How to get my baby through the night?

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lear3038 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:16:21

Hello mums,
This is my first time on mums net and I have question about night time feeds.
My baby is 10 weeks old now and has gone through the night on occassion but not every night.
I am following a 4 hourly feeding plan with formula and I put him to bed after bath and bottle at 7pm when he sleeps and I wake him tou feed at 11pm for a dream feed. He then tends to wake up 5am for another feed or sometimes goes through until 7am.
My question is should I drop the 11pm dream feed or how do I go about getting my baby to go from 7pm to 7am?
I am really excited about hearing your replies and ideas

Superene Wed 28-Sep-11 21:24:00

I did exactly what you are doing, my advice is to keep dream feeding until he is weaned. If you drop the dream feed now he is likely to start waking for a bottle in the middle of the night. Not a good thing! I kept up the dream feed with both my sons until they were 7 months, and they have always slept 7 till 7 since. Both are great sleepers and eaters and I put it down to establishing a proper routine when they were new. Remember sleep begets sleep.
Good luck!

lear3038 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:31:39

Thanks for the advice. I thought so. Ultimatley I want my baby to go from 11pm to 7am anyway before I change anything anyway.

redcamels Wed 28-Sep-11 21:44:36

Do any babies sleep from 7-7?

Keep doing the dreamfeed. I'm curious when I hear that people 'wake' their LOs for a dreamfeed...the whole point is to not wake them if at all possible (easier said than done I know).

If you're feeling brave drop the DF one night and see what the result is.

<types whilst dreamfeeding 5 month old who has decided to wake every hour at night>

JugsMcGee Thu 29-Sep-11 11:51:59

Blimey, what a good sleeper for 10 weeks old! I don't think there's anything you can 'do'. Your baby is still very young and probably can't go 12 hours without food at the moment. If you've got a book that suggests they should go 12 hours then I'd ditch it!

StrandedBear Thu 29-Sep-11 11:55:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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