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anyone used baby monitirs with motion sensor pad?

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MrsVidic Wed 28-Sep-11 16:16:13

I am going to staart to put my dd to bed before me and will use out tommee tippee baby monitor- it has a flat hard motion sensor Im sure they have to lie on- now she will be in a cot. Does it go under the sheet or mattress? Are they any good?

Paschaelina Wed 28-Sep-11 16:22:36

It goes under the mattress. Make sure the wire comes out dead straight. Ours was fine until about 10 months when the Boy got a bit eager to climb, then it would go off every night because it couldn't sense him.

Worth it for peace of mind in the first few months though.

MrsVidic Wed 28-Sep-11 16:28:41

so its ok under the cot mattress? Must ne sensative

Paschaelina Wed 28-Sep-11 16:57:00

Extremely. I was dubious but it really does work. Even when they're tiny and don't move much.

fraktious Wed 28-Sep-11 16:59:00

We have an Angelcare and you can adjust the sensitivity. It picks up movement on our bed next to the cot if it's too high.

SarahScot Wed 28-Sep-11 21:09:54

Yep, they really do work. I have Angelcare too.

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