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tips on stopping cosleeping/getting him to sleep through in own bed

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MrsMooo Wed 28-Sep-11 14:18:15

DS is 2.2, we fed to sleep till his was weaned at 18m, and co slept till then.

Since we have an ok bedtime routine, dinner at 6, quiet play till 6.30/45, stories or cbeebies till 7pm, then either bath and stories in bed, or straight to bed and lights off at 7.30 and with me sitting by the bed holding his hand then asleep by 8.

I've tried a lot of the No Cry SS tips, but DS still wants to hold my hand to go to sleep every night and gets VERY upset if I withdraw it - to the point that it will then take another 15 min/half hour of calming and patting to get him to sleep

We also have a LOT of messing in the 30 mins between 7.30/8pm where I have to be very firm that we are not playing/reading another story etc and just say "no DS, it's bedtime now, go to sleep please" as I know you're not supposed to engage with them...

He then wakes sometime between 11pm and 2am, and comes into my bed, we then have 10 - 45 minutes of him chattering and me saying "it's the middle of the night DS, lay down and go to sleep please"

I did and do see the perks of co-sleeping/enjoy it, but I realise that it's not good for either of us and I'd really like to get him going through and staying in his own bed.

I have tried CC/CIO a number of times and he does not respond to it at all, he just gets up and starts hammering on his door angrily shouting "Mummy where are you" until I come back, then crys hysterically till he falls alseep - I don't think it's something he responds well to (it immediately escalates) and the downstairs neighbours son is in the room below so it's not really an option as they (very nicely) mentioned the noise causing him not to sleep when I tried it

So, any tips/hints/advice, or am I stuck with it till he can be bribed into it I can use a reward chart or similar?

MrsMooo Wed 28-Sep-11 14:20:07

I should say he doesn't have a full mean at 6pm! He has tea at nursery at around 4 and a snack size portion of whatever I'm having at 6pm, as he was crying and asking for food on waking in the night till we started giving a pre-bed titbit

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