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Toddler sleep gone awry

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clarebear23 Wed 28-Sep-11 07:51:28

I have a 2 year old boy who has never been a great sleeper but had recently been sleeping 7.30 - 6 which is great. We decided to buy him a quilt as he kept taking his sleeping bag off in the night. He slept fine with the quilt for the first 2 weeks but has now been waking up what seems like every hour either calling me to put the quilt back on or just waking up and asking for a story or to get in to my bed. I am not sure if the waking up is part of a phase or related to the introduction of the quilt. Last night I tucked the quilt under the matress on both sides of the bed but he still wriggled out of it and woke up more than ever.
I am 30 weeks pregnant and am absolutely exhausted. Am just wondering if this is a phase or if anyone has any tips to help introduce the use of a quilt at night
Any advice gratefully received

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