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8mo DS3 waking to play (!) at 1am.

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CardyMow Wed 28-Sep-11 01:39:06

He doesn't seem to sleep that much in the day - he is cutting his top teeth, a tiny bit grizzly through the day, but not screaming etc. He has a nap at about 10am, when we are on the bus home from the school run once I have done the food shopping. He sleeps for between 30mins - 1hr. He is then awake ALL day until 5pm, when he has a nap of between 30mons-1hr again.

He goes down to sleep for the night at about 10pm. He sleeps till 11.30, then needs a bf. He goes back to sleep on the boob, wakes at 1am. Does not want milk or cuddles - wants to play, crawl around, stand up, try to pull the curtain rail behind the bed down etc. We are cosleeping because he won't sleep in his cot - he seems to see it as a place to stand up in and rattle the bars till I look at him. He will then grin at me and clap his hands...

He doesn't go back to sleep until 3am. Every flipping night. Now I'm a night owl, and have always gone to bed at 1am - even when I try to go to bed earlier, I can't SLEEP before then. I have to be up at 6.30am. I can't cope with less than 5.5 hrs sleep. I NEED DS3 to sleep from 1am till 6.30am. I'd rather he was awake from 10pm till 1am tbh - it fits our family better!

When it's the weekend, and I don't have to get up (and get him up), we BOTH naturally wake up at around 8.30-9am. A lot of my family havr this 'late to bed, late to rise' sleep pattern naturally, but as an adult, I have to go against that for school runs etc. Problem is - how do I get DS3 to go against that??

My ideal would be for him to wake at 6.30am, have 90 mins nap at 11am-12.30pm, have his afternoon nap at about 5.30pm-7pm, then go to bed at 10pm for the night. And not wake up wanting to play just as my head hits the pillow at 1am. Right now, he is twiddling my hair, and flicking my nose, while grinning at me. hmm.

Sorry for Essay - any help? Can't do CC due to being LP (no support) and other dc needing sleep for school. Also because I can't stand to hear dc cry. <<Softy>>

grinningbee Wed 28-Sep-11 10:55:12

Bumping for you Huntycat because I'm also looking for the same answer.

My ds is 10 months, and goes to bed but wakes and is then properly awake for anything around 3 hours onwards. It's grim, isn't it sad He is also teething and has a cold, but this has been going on for a while, and is becoming more often than not.

Hope you get an answer soon...

haloflo Wed 28-Sep-11 11:05:25

Hi my DD (6mo) does this so also bumping for help. She goes to sleep easily at 6pm, wakes at 9.30/10pm and then is awake until midnight. I go to bed at 10 so this doesn't fit my family either.

I've been told its due to napping too late in the day, not napping enough (overtiredness), developmental, teething... loads of reasons basically but I can't see a pattern.

Sometimes if I leave the room she plays quietly and then goes back to sleep, other times wants my attention (and I don't want to let her cry)

Is he safe in your bed for you to try leaving the room (to see if he will self settle back to sleep) or will he cry straight away? Sometimes if my DD is distracted by her comforter I can sneak out. She gets more upset seeing me leave than by me not being there at all.

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