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Awake all eve - asleep all morning - how do i switch her??

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MyBunnyRabbit Tue 27-Sep-11 23:47:13

DD is 6 weeks old. EBF, approx 3 hours between feeds in day. I'm really impressed with how she sleeps 'at night' regularly goes 4-5 hours between feeds.

However, She is impossible to settle in the evenings...she doesnt cluster feed, just wont let us put her down, or sleeps soundly only to wake 10 mins later...sometimes, with crying, sometimes just alert and wriggling.

Then after her sunrise feed (around 5-7am sometime) she goes straight back into a very sound sleep (in crib) for often 3-4 hours before waking for her next feed.

So, while i can have a big lie in get up and do the housework in peace, none of us get to bed before midnight!!!

But i feel guilty....i'd much rather she was up in the daytime so she got more day light!!!

How do i bring bedtime forward if she;s so unsettled?

Should I wake her up in the morning at a specific time?


LittleWaveyLines Wed 28-Sep-11 09:36:13

My DD did this - I took to opening the curtains at 7am and taking her outside for daylight as soon as she woke - just drank my morning (cooled!) cup of tea outside with her.... it seemed to work and she didn't get too grumpy either!

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