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Early waking since returning to work!

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mamjo Tue 27-Sep-11 06:02:48

Hi, DD started sleeping through 7-7 at about 5 months and with only an odd exception has done so every nIght for 6 months, it was lovely!!! Then, 3 weeks ago she started waking EVERY night between 3.30 and 4.30, and she us up for the day. I have tried:
1. Just leaving her. She cries (sobs) for a few minutes, then goes quiet for 10 minutes, then increases the sobbing, then goes quiet for 10 minutes, then cries for a few minutes....etc. End up getting up at about 5. tried this for about 2 weeks.
2. A sip of water - sends her totally histerical. Tried twice
3. In desperation the last 2 nights I have tried a bottle, but she does in about 6oz then starts with the squealing and babbling and won't go back down.

She is with a childminder during the day and is having 2 x 30 minute naps a day (same as always) and is pretty much eating as normal.

In the 1st week she was very clingy and I thought it was all separation anxiety but she is now back to her happy self.

4/5 hours sleep for 3 weeks and back to full time employment have left me like a zombie that can't think straight.

Any advice would be VERY welcome.
2. Giving her water

mamjo Tue 27-Sep-11 06:07:18

See, I can't even write basic facts in my post.
She is 12 months and this all started when I went back to work, which also collided with her getting 2 molars.

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