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Sleep! Everything is a mess since I went back to work!!

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AmandaNov10 Mon 26-Sep-11 05:56:38

Hello Ladies,

My DD is 10 months old and I went back to work last month. She has slept all night, 7-7 since 8 weeks old but for the past month has woken crying in the night. I have been giving her a bottle she's taken a few oz then gone back to sleep, but one month on I am shattered! I am now wondering if I have just created a habbit? Tonight I tried just giving water, she did drink it but as soon as I put her down she cried. I gave in, gave her milk and usual, few oz then sleep! (I have never tried controlled crying and I don't know if I could shattered in the middle of the night!)

Also everything is just not a 'easy' as it was when I was at home with her all day! Her nap routine was perfect then and she was a great eater. Now, I'm not 100% sure what's happening with naps (I've said to grannies pls don't let her sleep beyond 4 but I have a feeling they might sometimes if it suits?) and I am really really struggling to get her to eat (so maybe she is hungry??) Any tips on that most welcome! I've tried finger food, giving her a variety of food, changing meal time - nothing is working!!

Stress! I'm doing a post-graduate degree in teaching which needs to be full time and requires so much work, hence why I'm up at 5.30! And I think my full time (and more!) working guilt is also getting to me!

Wisdom please mums!!!


whoneedssleepanyway Mon 26-Sep-11 06:37:31

I would definitely say cut the milk it will be hard but will probably only take a few nights. I would recommend doing this sooner rather than later as it gets harder the longer you leave bad sleep habits as i have found to my cost. Good luck.

BranchingOut Mon 26-Sep-11 06:43:47

I think there might be a sleep regression around this point.

On the other hand, I don't think it is unusual for a 10 month old to wake during the night (I know it is for her, which is why you are finding it so painful). My son did wake at least once a night until about 13 months.

Is she interested in self feeding? Maybe giving her loaded spoons might encourage her to move towards self feeding.

Give her an evening snack about half an hour before bed?

AmandaNov10 Mon 26-Sep-11 07:17:36

Thank you. I never thought about a snack. Good idea especially if she's not eaten much dinner. Might try a wee slice of toast we sit down and watch In the night Garden in the cranky half anhour before bed time I'll try that.

I have tried self feeding, giving her loaded spoons etc but limited success. I'm sticking at it though!

Thanks 'whoneedssleepanyway' (love that!) I think i'll try water again for a few night, but I just feel a bit trapped, I know that's what she crying for and feel like if I don't give her a bottle then she'll just keep crying!!

whoneedssleepanyway Mon 26-Sep-11 07:43:19

Amanda i totally undetstand but to illustrate my point we went down this road and some nights my two year old had two full beakers a night. It is hard to make the leap though. Good luck.

BranchingOut Mon 26-Sep-11 22:19:17

The other thing is that 10 months can be the beginning of separation anxiety, not to mention a big developmental spurt. Is she crawling or pulling up to stand? Then there are the teeth doing their thing....

Stick with the self feeding. Hopefully it will suddenly click and then she will be shovelling it in! smile

AmandaNov10 Thu 29-Sep-11 14:37:31

Thanks for the advice ladies xx

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