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Sleep after Holiday

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redhen75 Sun 25-Sep-11 21:15:01

Hi All

Am new to site so please bear with me!!

DD is 14 months old almost and we went away on holiday to North Devon last week.

She has never really been a consistent through the night sleeper and has only just recently in Aug slept through on several nights...once she wakes during the night we have been happy to have her co-sleep so all fine there.

She was doing brilliantly for the week before our holiday sleeping till 5am or 6am but as soon as we got there she started to wake up again through the night and on the second night she woke at 12am and then didnt go back to sleep till 3.30am!! She then slept through for 2 nights and then ever since we got home has been waking again.

She ha always been brilliant at self settling but on holiday I had to settle her by stroking her head...this seems to have transferred back now at home and during the day she is very reluctant to sleep therefore meaning she is very grumpy and tearful most of the day.

She now sits up in her cot and wont lay back down without a fight and I am at wits end, very tired and losing the will to live?

So, a) what can I do to get back to pre-hols routine and b) any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lou xxx

dairyair Mon 26-Sep-11 15:02:55

No advice I'm afraid, but lots of sympathy, as I'm in the same boat. We went away and DS's (10 months) sleeping went totally wrong - waking in the night several times and screaming for up to 3 hours at a time, completely inconsolable. Since coming back this hasn't improved. Am absolutely shattered and returning to work in 2 weeks, so will be lurking to see if you get any advice as I'm pretty desperate!

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