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Can you still get Brio bedside cots???? Any others with an 'up and over' side???

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anynamesleft Sat 24-Sep-11 23:26:35

DS2 is rapidly growing out of his bedside crib but I still want to use a bedside cot as it's been so fantastic for night feeds.

Looking at all the different models out there the Brio seems to be the only one where the side lifts over rather than under the cot so presumably can be moved while the cot is alongside the bed.

BUT, they're proving to be rarer than hens' teeth; so, do you know anywhere that sells them, have one you're wanting to sell on or know of anyone wanting to sell theirs? You'd make our increasingly cramped DS2 v v happy!

hairymonkey Sun 25-Sep-11 06:02:27

We got ds2 a cossatto bedside cot, but the side does go under, as the cot was wedged in between bed and wall was a bit tricky at times! but great otherwise, he still uses it now as a bed with side down now he's 2, also handy to keep the blighter in when it comes to usual bedtime arsing about.
We looked a the Brio one, but wasn't sure about wheels, was a bit sleep starved at time. Anyway, enough of ramble, there's one on ebay if you search bedside cot. Good luck!

anynamesleft Sun 25-Sep-11 22:59:35

Thanks hairymonkey - I had seen the one listed on ebay but it's at the other end of the country and is pickup only, although I think we could arrange a courier the costs would probably be prohibitive. So, I'll just have to keep scanning ebay and gumtree and hope I hit lucky!

anynamesleft Mon 26-Sep-11 22:23:46

... bump

sleepevader Tue 27-Sep-11 09:29:46

Posted on your other thread too. Troll bedside cot looks like an up and over design.

TheGrassIsJewelled Tue 27-Sep-11 09:30:48

We've got the cosatto one too - it's brilliant.

emsyj Tue 27-Sep-11 09:45:12

We've got the Mamas & Papas 'close & cosy' one but that has the underneath sliding side, not over the top.

BUT posting to say courier costs might not be that much - I've just had a china cabinet (quite large and heavy) collected from Cumbria and delivered to me on the Wirral for £70 by a specialist courier that does furniture. They collect one week and deliver the next, so there's a slight delay, but I thought that was quite reasonable. I don't have the name at the moment as at work but if you're interested in the details private mail me and I'll reply tonight.

ludandcatherine Sun 09-Oct-11 21:19:38

We have a Brio bedside cot we are looking to sell. We thought about £70. Has good mothercare removable wash mattress if you want it too. Would need to collect. We are in Exeter.
Lud and Catherine

BertieBotts Sun 09-Oct-11 21:24:20

The ikea cots with the removeable side are absolutely perfect for making into a co-sleeper. You just have to drill extra holes to match up the mattress height, then push the cot mattress over, stuff the far side with rolled up towels (or other thing which isn't too loose or soft) and you can bungee-cord or cable tie it to your bed to prevent it moving, but I didn't know about that step, and it was fine (I just checked it every night for gaps)

Cotbeds v good for converting too, and even bigger!

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