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Anyone else have a 20 month old who still needs a nap in the morning?

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TS123 Sat 24-Sep-11 12:46:10

DS wakes up grouchy and sleepy. I have struggled to move her to one nap per day at noon. She'll often be overtired by then. Her nap might be 1.5 hours but not long enough to get her to get her through the 5 pm slump without tears, tantrums etc. . . It is so frustrating! When I do allow her a morning sleep, it has to be 30 minutes and no more, otherwise - no other sleep all day! So with a morning catnap she's fine until mid-afternoon, when she'll nap again. But no one else I speak to has a baby approaching 2 years old who needs to sleep in the morning. They go to playgroups, parks etc. Their kids wake happy and well rested in the morning. My baby goes to bed at 7pm, so she should be rested when I get her out of bed at 6:30am. Any thoughts, advice . . . .??

StrandedBear Sat 24-Sep-11 14:52:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iggly Sun 25-Sep-11 07:05:40

Yep DS was like this. It was better to take him out for a walk and he'd have a 20 min power nap (had to be before 10)

He's nearly 2 now and doesn't need it unless he wakes up at 5.

You say you get her up at 6.30- does she wake up naturally then or do you wake her?

belindarose Sun 25-Sep-11 07:29:24

Have you tried the noon ish nap and an earlier bedtime? I put DD to bed at 6 if she doesn't sleep well in the day and it's never meant an earlier wake up. Sounds counterintuitive but it works.

TS123 Thu 29-Sep-11 00:29:48

Thanks for the comments. Helpful to know that others are in the same boat. @Iggy - she is always up by 6:30, that is just when my other two are up so we get out of bed at that time (I believe she may wake early and because I have a fan in my room, I don't hear her early mumblings). I will try bumping back her bedtime because it's often 7:30pm - when her two older brothers go to bed, and it may just be a little too late for her.
Thanks again!

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