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Waking all of a sudden

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davinci Sat 24-Sep-11 06:03:07

My daughter is 6 months and has slept through the night from 7 to 7 since she was about 12 weeks old. All of a sudden she has started waking up at 3am, she kicks and talks to herself for about an hour to an hour and a half and then suddenly starts these odd single screams that eventually turns into crying desperately. She sounds like she is pain. I have tried feeding her which she takes but it doesn't stop the crying and a lot of it comes back up so I guess she is not hungry. She doesn't go back to sleep (hence the 6 am post) I have checked for teeth but there are absolutely no signs yet and she doesn't have the rash, dribble or spots I keep reading about.. does this sounds like teeth? I have no idea and am no longer feeling particularly sane!

threeinmybed Sun 25-Sep-11 20:35:40

Saw your post, didn't want to read and run!

It could be teeth, but my DS I sometimes find (occasionally) that he wakes out of habit. For a few nights on the bounce, he'll wake at exactly the same time and have a shout. He also fairly regularly wakes up and chats to himself, then falls back to sleep. Chatting; ignore. They're fine. If your DC has been sleeping before this fine, I suspect it could be waking from habit and being unable to get back to sleep, which must be so frustrating for her.

If crying starts, I leave it 10 minutes before going into his room. I leave the lights off (landing light on), and go in with a low, calm tone. I pick him up and give a cuddle & cold water (how many times have you woken up thirsty, especially if the central heating is on now it's getting colder?) and resettle. I give him 5 minutes, timed on a clock and I just wait outside. If he still isn't calm, I go in again and offer calpol straightaway. Maybe that's a bit trigger happy, but no amount of cuddles and soothing is going to cure a headache. I'd hate to be denied pain relief for a nasty headache.

Also, do you have a sleeping bag for your DC? They can thrash up and down as they become more mobile and kick off their covers; but they can't get them back on.

If all else fails; it really depends on your style of parenting. You can either go in and resettle for as long as it takes every 5 minutes or so, or take her into your bed. Either way, you need to reinforce the idea that 3am is not the time to start the day.

Hope you get a solution soon x

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