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8 month/new tooth/learning to crawl sleep regression!

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beatofthedrum Fri 23-Sep-11 09:39:13

Ds has been a good sleeper till now - self-settling for naps, sleeping through at night (believe me, not taken for granted for one minute after my first dc!!) Over the last fortnight it's all gone a bit wrong. He's needed milk to get him to nap, then only napped for short times. At night he goes to sleep beautifully but keeps waking and demanding milk now (at 2 and at 5).

This has coincided with a lot of changes - his new tooth has put him off eating, he's just learnt to crawl and to stand and he's now taking quite a lot of formula (partly due to sustained breast refusal, partly due to my permanently lacerated nipples!)

Would tanking him up during the day be the answer? He's a greedy wee soul and I am worried about overfeeding him now he is having formula instead of breastmilk. He eats a lot - brekkie is weetabix, fruit, yoghurt and bit of toast, lunch is mini sandwich/toasted cheese etc, fruit and custard, dinner is main course, ricecake spread with peanut butter, more yoghurt, more fruit...obviously I vary this, that's just an example of his food intake. And now he wants loads of milk too - still breastfed for half his feeds then he takes at least 450ml of formula on top of that. Sometimes quite a bit more. So am giving him 150ml of formula at a feed instead of, say, 210ml which I think he would take, but don't want to overfeed him.

Sorry for all the detail! But should I give him all the milk he wants (stuff him full of it!) at bedtime? He takes 150ml at 7pm, wakes for another 180ml at 2 then has a big breastfeed on waking at 5. Then feeds between meals. Seems a lot. Would welcome any opinions. (He is on 75th percentile for weight for his age so is not huge). Just to be clear, I know you can't overfeed a baby on breastmilk, I just have no formula experience to draw on. TIA.

matana Fri 23-Sep-11 21:12:58

Follow his lead. It'll pass. If he's been a good sleeper he'll get back to being a good sleeper. The 8/9/10 month regression is a bit of a bugger because it lasts a while as they have so much to contend with all at the same time. The good news though is that it's on and off so you'll probably have good nights mixed in with bad nights, providing a much needed respite.

Tanking him up won't do much good i don't think - it's developmental.

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