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Night terrors come back for my DS 3

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HidingInTheBathroom Thu 22-Sep-11 21:13:09

My DS who is 3 used to have terrors regularly. They had gone away for a while but have come back with a vengeance.

The terrors he has are horrid. He starts running around the room screaming and jumping up and down. If we try and touch him he attacks us. The only way we seem to carm him down is if we ask him where the monsters are (as this is what he shouts out Monsters) and tell them to go away. He then carms down a little and lets me comfort him. He is soo soo scared.

They have come back again I think as he has just started nursery twice a week so he is overtired. But he has them during his day times naps, he has had them in the car (while I was on the motorway and could not get to him) and he has them at night.

Is there any one who can give me some advice on how I can decrease the amount of terrors he has. I hate seeing so scared and yet I can not help. I am also scared that he is going to really hurt him self as he runs around and climbs on things to get away from whatever he is dreaming about.

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