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Is this wrong?

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kimberlina Thu 22-Sep-11 20:57:11

I've just stopped DDs last BF at bedtime. She is 11 months old. I was worried that she might miss it but seems not to notice. I didnt feed to sleep but she was very heavy lidded when I put her down.

The first night with no BF she cried for 5 mins, I went in and comforted her and then she went to sleep. The same happened for the next 2 nights.

TOnight I just quietly held her for 10 mins or so which is how long she used to BF for and she rolled over and went straight to sleep when I put her down. So I think she is missing the bedtime cuddle rather than the BF.

If I continue with a 10 minute cuddle each night will I find myself tied to this for years to come?

I realise that this is not a major problem compared to some peoples problems but I so want to make this transition a smooth one.

jjazz Thu 22-Sep-11 21:26:44

you could reduce the 10 minutes very slowly over several nights but i think she will quickly adapt to being put straight down anyway so do what you feel happiest with. You have the right approach in doing thin at a relatively young age- its when they are 3 and still need someone with them until they are asleep..

kimberlina Thu 22-Sep-11 21:49:08

Thanks jjazz - I'll do a slow reduction over the next few days to wean her off

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