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Wind, reflux or practising his moves?

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TwiddleDee Thu 22-Sep-11 16:39:03

Hi! Hopefully some of you can help me figure this out! My 15week old has never been a fab sleeper but we werd use to his pattern and could cope. Now though he's going through a wierd patch which leaves us with less than 4hrs sleep over the night. He'll sleep for 20mins or so then start thrashing arms around & lifting legs up and down. Sometimes whimpers & grimaces but other times ok until he wakes himself up. I can sooth him before he wakes up totally so no crying. He's had bad traped wind problems since 2.5weeks but it has got better. He's recently been spitting up after most feed that smell of vomit. This is new. Anyone have any ideas what the wierd sleep behaviour is? Thanks for any help!

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