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23 month old wakes at 4am for a feed

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Brunocat Thu 22-Sep-11 13:42:16

I'm being stupid aren't I? He does not still need a feed at nearly two years old. Do I just let him cry until he figures out he isn't getting any or continue until he evntually drops it by himself?
At the moment I feed him because he then goes back to sleep until 5-6ish. Can't face getting up at 4am every day...

CombineArvester Thu 22-Sep-11 16:29:24

Have you got a partner? Let him/her go in at 4am and say go back to sleep, they can stay there and cuddle til he goes back to sleep or go in and out of the room. Try not going in straight away, leave it 2 mins and then go in.

The thing is, if he hasn't dropped it himself by now it may be that that's just when he thinks he needs his breakfast, and you're going to have to tell him that he doesn't get his breakfast until 6 or whenever you decide.

At that age tell them what you're going to do - Mummy isn't going to feed you until morning time, then when he wakes up treat it like a normal night waking and go in and out / cuddle as above.

If you don't have a partner you may have to go in and out the room as the cuddle may confuse.

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