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15mo drinking up to 36oz of milk thro night!

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floweringcurrant Thu 22-Sep-11 10:43:51

Ds has always woken for one feed during night averaging 18oz between 8pm and 8 am. Two weeks ago he got a bad cold ( lots of mucus and diarrohea). Cold is now on the mend, though still snotty but appetite for solid foods has all but gone and now in a 24 hour period he is consuming at least 55oz of which 36oz will be during the night. He is therefore waking up soaked through with nappy disintegrating and very loose stools.

hes a big boy, has always had a big appetite and is seems happy and lively. I am getting desperate as to how to reduce milk and get him back on solids.
I'm 36 weeks pregnant, exhausted and know I must break this asap. Please help ....

weeklyshop Thu 22-Sep-11 10:49:55

If cold is now getting better then it's time to start cutting the milk feeds at night. Would suggest that you start to dilute night time milk with water eg first night give 3/4 strength milk, next night 1/2 strength etc until he's having plain water. At that point he'll probably decide he doesn't want it. As night time milk is reduced he should start eating in the day. If he doesn't look at how much milk he's havin gin the daytime. If it's more that about 1 pint then start to reduce it the same way you did at night.

BedHog Thu 22-Sep-11 10:52:30

My DS went through a very milky stage at around this age, although not 36oz - that's 4 full bottles! We got through it by giving him as much bulky solids as possible in the evening - porridge, bread, weetabix etc., watering down the milk - so instead of a 9oz bottle, he'd get 6oz milk mixed with 2oz hot water, and using 2 nappies at night, sometimes with an incontinence pad as a booster, so he wasn't waking up wet and thinking about more milk.

Good luck, don't worry it passes!

floweringcurrant Thu 22-Sep-11 18:45:56

thanks so watering down milk tonight. fingers x

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