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Just can't figure out how to help the monkey nap.

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bagelmonkey Thu 22-Sep-11 10:25:45

DD is now 7 1/2 months and I still haven't managed to find a reliable method of getting her to nap. I think at this point I've just totally confused her and myself and I don't know what to do.
At night she has dinner then nudey time, a bath then a feed then goes to bed. At one stage she had a story before bed, but after a particularly bad patch where she became totally overtired and zonked out during the feed, she has been going down just after her feed, progressively more awake. She goes to sleep usually around 7. She wakes 1 or 2 times a night and generally feeds pretty hungrily then back to bed. the nights seem to be working and I'm not bothered about the night waking right now.
She wakes around 6am and I usually try to get her down for her first nap by 8. This seems to be the right time for her.
In the past I used PUPD and for a few weeks she napped really well. Then she became more mobile, we moved house and everything went to shit. I tried PUPD again, but she wouldn't settle in my arms, so I could never PD. Eventually we tried CC. It worked for about 3 days, but then she seemed to be teething and it wasn't working, so it didn't seem right at the time.
Sometimes me being in the room seems to excite her too much. Sometimes being picked up relaxes her, sometimes it just makes her worse.
She will fall asleep in the car, but not in her buggy. She won't fall asleep feeding during the daytime.

How do I figure out a reliable method of getting her to nap? Is it better to have her screaming in my arms or in the cot? She will happily roll around in her cot for ages if I put her down totally awake.
It seems that every nap time she responds to me differently and I don't know what technique I can use so that I can be consistent when she isn't.

fififrog Fri 23-Sep-11 19:20:29

This might sound stupid but are you sure she's tired enough? DD was napping after 90-100 mins but then I suddenly had two weeks where I couldn't get her to sleep at all, it was a total nightmare. Eventually the penny dropped that although she got a bit grouchy and yawny at 90 mins still, in fact she's now awake for 2.5-3 hours. If I try to put her down when she's not properly knackered she SCREAMS with rage even if it's only 15 mins too early she will work herself up so that even when she is yawny she won't drop off.

Incidentally my sleep consultant persuaded me that less is more, ie don't PUPD, just sit there. Seems to work for us. BTW my LO used to be one of those only-sleep-on-mum babies so this cot napping is quite exciting for me!

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