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Help!! My baby won't sleep on her own in the day.

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chilipeppers Mon 19-Sep-11 20:58:24

My 11 week old will not be put down to sleep in the day,goes down brilliantly at night feeds at 11 and 3 sometimes won't go back down after the last feed but i can cope with that (for now) But in the day she can not sleep away from me. I feel like i have tried everything and to make it worse she hates her pram and car seat! Can not full asleep in either and gets so upset and tired when we have to be out. Some days all i seem to do is rock her off to sleep just for her to wake cos we have to go out somewhere or i have to go to the loo!

PDog Mon 19-Sep-11 22:26:11

Get a sling. Was a life saver for me as had a similar experience. At least I could move, go to the loo, eat etc. I sometimes had to bounce about a bit o get her off to sleep but it gave me much more freedom.

some nice stretchy ones here not too expensive either

curlykate99 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:31:17

It's frustrating isn't it? Mine slept on me night and day for the first couple of months, but things do gradually get better - he now (4.5months) naps in his cot or pram sometimes, sleeps in his cot or beside me in our bed and has been much better at settling since he started to suck his thumb at about 12 weeks. I think it's a development thing so hopefully your little girl will get easier too.

I also found a sling useful, I got a mei tai because the weather was warmer, guaranteed to get him to sleep and i could still get myself some food, do a bit of hoovering, go to shops etc.

Hope things pick up for you soon smile

Josieannathe2nd Tue 20-Sep-11 20:52:21

I agree- get a sling. My 4MO still only sleeps for 10-15 mins if he's not on my during the day but I am very lazy and like to sit down for a hour so I just work around it! Before he goes to sleep I go to the loo, get a drink, find something to watch of iplayer or read and just enjoy the opportunity to sit and have peace! If we're out he'll still sleep on me or I pop him in the sling. I'm just hoping that magically at some point in the future he'll not wake up when I put him down...Anyway as they get older they don't need to sleep so much so hopefully just time will make things easier.

Number1SonMum Wed 21-Sep-11 20:14:42

It's normal! She was inside you for 9 months, so it makes sense she wants to be close. Mine was like this, he would sleep in my arms anywhere when out which helped. Slowly I managed to get him to sleep in his cot, after falling asleep in my arms. If I lifted an arm and it was floppy, I could usually get him in his cot asleep. I also started getting him to sleep upstairs, when it was an easier transfer to the cot. At first I could just stay there, so he knew if he woke I was nearby. Also put on the monitor when I went downstairs so I would still be there soon. It was a slow process though, months.

chilipeppers Wed 21-Sep-11 20:44:11

Thanks everyone. I'v been using a sling today and it has helped me feel less frustrated and she sleeped ok in it. Couldn't wear it for long though as she's not a small baby! Fingers crossed she'll grow out of it soon. I'm just glad she sleeps ok for the first half of the night!!
I'm going to try sleep training soon so i'll keep you posted.

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