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Nap times / length for 11 month old?

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Petofi Sun 18-Sep-11 10:32:45

Recently moved 11 month old DD onto one nap per day (starting at around midday, for two hours or so). This doesn't seem to be working (crazy night time struggles have begun) so we are going to try two naps, one morning and one afternoon.

What times do your 11 month olds go down for naps and how long do they stay down? If they have a late afternoon nap do you find them easy to put down at night?


pleasethanks Sun 18-Sep-11 11:59:38

My DD who has just hit 12 months was, up until a couple of weeks ago, having a nap of an hour(ish) in the morn and same in the afternoon. However, this nice little routine went out the window as she was struggling to get to sleep in the morning sometimes and I suspect she just wasn't quite tired enough. And if she did sleep in the morn, she was hard to get down in the afternoon. So, we have moved to one nap about 11ish and it is going okay so far. Touch wood

ellabella2 Sun 25-Sep-11 20:39:22

My DS is 11mo and about a month or so ago dropped to two naps a day. He has one about 10ish of either half an hour (this usually means he struggles to make it to his afternoon nap) or if I am lucky he will sleep for about 1hour 20min. He then has one about 3ish of half an hour to three quarters of an hour. He needs to be awake by 4ish to be tired enough to go to bed at 7.

That said some days he does fine on two half hours naps and other days he just seems really tired from the start and ideally needs an hour plus in the morning and the same in the afternoon (he has only recently mastered sleeping for longer than 30min at all regardless of how tired he has been!)

I wish he would do one 2hour nap late morning and that could be him sorted for the day but hey he is a baby smile

ThinkingAboutBoden Sat 01-Oct-11 11:37:12

Hi there
I have an 11 month old (in a week's time) and she sleeps twice a day. One nap in the morning (about 9/9:30) for between 45mins and an hour and then another "proper" long nap after lunch at about 1. She sleeps here for 2 hours. Happily manages to bed at 7 if she's up at 3.
This works for me as I have a toddler as well (26 months) and he sleeps just the afternoon nap post lunch (same - about 2 hours - usually a little less) and then we head out to do stuff together in the afternoons
Hope that helps........

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